4 Types Of Employees That Will Sink Your Business

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If you’re an MSP, I know one of the biggest challenges you struggle with is finding and keeping good talent. People who are ambitious, people who are eager to learn, people who follow instructions, people who can think, who can figure out a problem and do the obvious. In the video above, I talk about the four types of employees that you’ve got to be on the lookout for because they will sink your business.

One of the things that we run into with our MSP clients all the time, one of the challenges they have is they can’t find good people. They are trying to find employees who will actually show up early and follow instructions and who can actually think a little bit on their own.

You know, where you don’t have to babysit them to do their job and do it right or beg them to do their job, right?

We all know the cost of a bad employee or a bad hire. However, it’s not just money; it’s the mental exhaustion and the stress you have to deal with because you don’t know when they’re going to screw up. You don’t know what they’re doing to undo your business. And believe me, as a small business owner that grew my business from the ground up without two nickels to rub together. No list, no website, no nothing.

Now look at my business today: multiple millions of dollars in revenue. So I know a thing or two about the types of employees that you’ve got to get rid of ASAP because they will sink your business.

The first employee might surprise you, it’s somebody you’ve got to watch out for and that is your star. Now, the star is an employee who’s technically very good at their job, and I say technically because it could be a technician, it could be a salesperson who often shows up in sales because they’re so good at what they do and they’re so essential.

And they know it. They know they do a good job, that you struggle to find good people, that the people around them aren’t as good at their job as they are, and therefore they’re a star.

But what comes with that sometimes is a huge ego.

What they can do is they can start testing the waters. It’s almost like they’re challenging you. They conduct certain bad behaviors because they know you won’t fire them. “You can’t afford to fire me. You can’t find anybody else. Everybody else you bring in here, you have to fire because they’re a dummy” or “They’re a doofus” or “They don’t perform” or “They don’t show up” or they quit or whatever. So “You need me because if I walked out of here, you know what? Your business would sink.”

THAT is a star and you’ve got to watch them like a hawk, and you’ve got to build a business where you can fire a star if they get that ego trip. If they start acting like a prima donna, if they start acting like they’re above the law, they don’t have to follow your rules. They can be rude. They can do whatever they want.

You can’t have that on your team because one, it’s just going to piss you off. I mean, you’re paying somebody and they’re treating you rudely with disdain, and they probably are doing things behind your back to the team to kind of throw tacks under your tires and trying to disrupt your business.

If you tolerate it, what’s even worse is it sends a signal to everybody else that that kind of behavior is okay and it’s absolutely not okay.

That’s one of the people you’ve got to watch for and get out of your business. The way you get out of that, get them out of your business is you’ve got to know how to recruit and hire good people.

Now, there are three other types of employees that are going to sink your business; however, I will be covering this in detail at the upcoming Roadshow event that we’re doing.

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I’m also going to be talking about the types of employees you’ve got to get out of your business. The four types that are going to sink your business. It’s going to be in this workbook that we’re handing out. We’re going to be discussing it, and it’s going to be a phenomenal event.

If you are wanting to grow, you need to be hiring good employees and dealing with the disruptors in your business.

Like I said, there’s going to be four kinds, I gave you one. I’m going to give you the other three at Roadshow. Again, how do you get ahead of this? Do not be held hostage by bad employees who are stressing you out! Ones that you’re having to babysit and beg them to do their work! I’m going to show you how to eliminate all of that finally and forever.

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