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The Top 5 Reasons Why The Technology Marketing Toolkit Is More Powerful (And A Better Bargain) Than ANY OTHER Marketing Kit, Seminar, Or Tape Program You Can Get Your Hands On:

Reason #1: All of the marketing campaigns, templates, and strategies have been field tested and proven to work for a small computer consulting business.

Have you ever bought a book, tape, or seminar program on marketing that gave you some great general ideas, but didn’t really apply to your specific business, or they gave you the same old tired clichés that you’ve already heard a million times before?

I’m sure you have. Authors have to be generic when writing marketing and sales books because they are trying to appeal to the masses. While this is ideal for them, it leaves you high and dry to figure out how you can make it work in your specific business selling technical solutions. If you knew how to do that, you wouldn’t need the book in the first place!

That’s what makes the Technology Marketing Toolkit so different. Included are a FULL YEAR’S worth of marketing campaigns, sales letters, yellow page ads, e-mail campaigns, web sites, and strategies that are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to help you sell more technology services, products, and solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Reason #2: The tools, strategies, and marketing campaigns I give you are PROVEN to work; not theoretical, looks-good-on-paper ideas, but real-world strategies that get results.

No other marketing consultant in this industry can point to as many documented, financial success stories as I can. Others can provide loads of testimonials from clients that say they liked the materials and the consultant, but let’s face it — this isn’t a popularity contest. You want something that is flat out going to deliver results fast. But don’t take my word for it; click here to see real case studies that demonstrate how I’ve helped hundreds of VARs, MSPs, system integrators, and solution providers increase their client base, sales and profits.

Reason #3: You would never be able to hire a professional copy writer or marketing consultant to create the same number of marketing campaigns for less than $10,000.

Most copy writers charge anywhere from $2,000 to as much as $15,000 plus royalties for ONE campaign, and some will charge even more if they have to research your clients and business to understand your industry.

Compare that against the $1,997 investment for the Toolkit where you get a full year’s worth of marketing campaigns, sales letters, e-mails, web site content, yellow page ads, referral campaigns, and much more, already tested, already proven to work!

When you invest in the Toolkit, you’ll also receive a Quick Start Guide to Fast Cash and two Marketing Piece Makeover consultations where I will help you refine any two marketing campaigns you need help with.

How am I able to offer so much for so little? For the last 4 years (and counting), I’ve been working with small VARs, software vendors, system integration companies, and other technology firms. These clients have already paid me to do all of the research and work in developing this marketing system and all of the marketing campaign templates. That’s why I can offer them to you for a fraction of the price; the hard work has already been done!

Reason #4: Not only will I teach you HOW to develop a powerful marketing campaign, I’ll GIVE you the specific campaign pre-done, written out word-for-word.

Have you ever spent hours staring at a blank computer screen trying to come up with the right words or offer for a marketing campaign, only to have it completely flop after putting your heart and soul into the entire campaign? Talk about frustrating! Fortunately, I can make that situation go away finally and forever…

With the instant sales letters and marketing templates contained in the Toolkit, you don’t have to be a good sales person or a genius word smith; all you have to be able to do is cut and paste the contents of the letters onto your company letterhead. Every campaign has been tested and proven to work so you don’t have to edit them, change them, or get creative…as a matter of fact, you’ll get better results if you leave them as they are!

Reason #5: I don’t hide from my customers.

There are a number of other marketing “experts” who won’t take phone calls or return emails from their clients. As a matter of fact, some don’t even list their contact information anywhere on their site – doesn’t that seem odd to you? It does to me.

My guess is that they hide themselves so they don’t have to answer the tough questions.

That’s why I include 2 Marketing Piece Makeover Consultations with every kit. I don’t want to just sell you a kit – I want you to really get results and become a client for life. I can’t do that by hiding from you.

Finally, your investment is 100% risk free. With my double guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving this program a chance. Just try getting a refund from the yellow page rep who swore up and down your ad would generate a ton of new business or the list rental sales girl who promised her list would generate a ton of new clients and sales – but didn’t.

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“Yes Robin, Give Me Instant Access!”

Please RUSH me a copy of the Technology Marketing Toolkit so I can take the guesswork out of marketing my technology service business. I understand that I am protected by your iron-clad, 100% “I Can’t Lose” DOUBLE guarantee. Because I’m ordering today, I’ll also get a FREE 6-month pass to the Apprentice Club, which will give me access to NEW TechTip postcards, a year’s back-issues of your Marketing Strategy Brief, the Q&A Calls, Business Builder Teleseminars, as well as NEW campaigns and free updates to the Toolkit. I further understand that after my 6 month membership is up, I will get to stay on as a member for the discounted rate of $127 per month (normally $197 a month), and that I am under NO OBLIGATION to remain a member and may cancel at any time.


I Would Like The Following Payment Option:

One-Time Payment of $2,997.00

Six (6) easy payments of $499.50

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