MSP Sales and Marketing Starter Kit

For the very small investment of $19.99 (literally the cost of shipping), you can get access to quick-start tips, dos and don’ts for getting your marketing rolling and real-life examples of PROVEN marketing campaigns for selling IT services.  This kit has a retail value of well over $4,700.

The MSP Sales And Marketing Starter Kit Includes:


Book: The MSP’s And IT Business Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Marketing, Lead Generation And IT Services Sales Success

This book is chock-full of powerful marketing lessons in attracting more and better-quality clients for your business.

From how to recognize bad marketing, the essentials of a successful marketing plan and tips for what every marketing campaign must include, to ways to get your clients to buy more and secrets to consistently generating leads. Applying even one piece of what is covered in this book will help you get the kick start you need.


Video On USB Drive: How These 5 MSPs Added An Average Of $663,707 In NEW Sales And Dramatically Increased Profits In Under One Year

During our annual Boot Camp Better Your Best competition, 5 of our top clients present the campaigns, strategies and processes they used to achieve amazing success year over year. There are some great gold nuggets and ideas you can implement immediately in your business.


Marketing Strategy Brief Newsletters: Monthly “Kick In The Booty” Full Of Marketing Ideas, Campaigns And Examples

Included in your purchase are 3 of our past newsletters covering every imaginable marketing and sales tool, including direct mail, website strategies, e-mail, pay-per-click search engines, yellow pages ads, trade shows, networking events, brochures, sales scripts and more. We also include examples of successful marketing campaigns used by your peers and explain why they work, how they work and how you can put them to use in your business for immediate results.


Report And Checklist: IT Sales Playbook Overview

This report will show you what an IT Sales Playbook MUST include to allow you to close IT services contracts and projects at premium profit margins with little to no price resistance, stalls, delays and resistance.


Report And Checklist: The 12 Pillars Of Trust-Based Selling For IT Services Businesses

People don’t do business with companies, they do business with people. And if your clients and prospects don’t trust you, making sales becomes extremely difficult and often nonexistent. This document gives you 12 strategies you can immediately put into practice to build trust during the selling process.

Icon - Secret

Report: The Ultimate Success SECRET For IT Services Firms

Is there one, single secret to success of such overriding importance that, if concentrated upon exclusively, will literally change a person’s entire life experience and results? If it exists, what is it? That’s right – one. I believe that I have identified the one, single, sole “secret of success” universally shared and relied on, above all other success secrets, by all extraordinarily successful individuals. And it is my contention that any person who discovers, accepts, comes to understand, and gives priority, and paramount importance to this one secret can and will quickly create unbelievable breakthroughs in his or her life.


Customized Marketing Roadmap And Consultation

Do you feel you should be more successful in your IT services business by now, making more money with greater ease than you are today? Are you unsure about where to start when it comes to marketing? Perhaps you’re excellent at the technical aspects of running an IT services business but simply lack the experience in sales and marketing you need to make good decisions about what to do and what activities will give you the highest return and best results? This consultation can help you. Not only will you walk away with answers, you’ll get a customized Marketing Roadmap for your business, detailing the steps you can take immediately to begin doubling or tripling the number of quality leads for your IT business.


3 Months Of Member Dashboard Online Access

Not only will you have online access to all of your product resources (forever), you will also get 3 months of access to a number of “Members Only” benefits, including:

  • Member QUE – Short for “Questions, Updates and Exchanges,” the QUE is an online message board available exclusively to our members – all MSPs and IT business owners, like you. Post comments and questions to get helpful advice from your industry peers. You’ll be amazed at how giving and sharing our group is.
  • Marketing Strategy Brief Newsletter – On the dashboard, you’ll be able to read over 10 years’ worth of past newsletters and examine the marketing examples and campaigns that go along with them.
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Thanks To All We Have Learned From Robin, We Went From Non-Existent To Cash-Flow Positive In 10 Months Flat!

“Our company went from not existing; no website, no defined products or services, no customers, no anything; to being cash-flow positive in 10 months flat. That is a remarkable achievement, and we could not have done it without the guidance and training from Technology Marketing Toolkit.”

Jason McNew Stronghold Cyber Security December 4, 2015

Maria Partridge

After We Became Accelerators Members, We Increased Our MRR By $35,772 And Closed Another $26,192 In Projects

“When we started our company 6 years ago, we knew we needed marketing help, but weren’t quite sold on Robin’s approach. Eventually, we realized that sending a few e-mails, getting referrals and posting on Facebook weren’t going to get us where we wanted to be. We decided to attend a few of Robin’s trainings and finally made the commitment to REAL marketing by going all in and becoming Accelerators Members.

Since becoming members and attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we have consistently implemented marketing, conducted regular QBRs and continually looked for cross-sell opportunities. As a result, we have increased our MRR by $35,772, up 15%, and in the last six months we have closed $26,192 in projects.

Our customers now see us as a valued partner. Needless to say, we are excited in the growth of what we affectionately refer to as our baby.  Our frustration level has gone from “when is it going to happen” to “how do we get it all the work done.”  Sometimes it feels like we are drinking out of a firehose, but with support from our accountability group and all the promise these campaigns bring, we will keep moving forward with anticipation for the good things ahead.”

Maria Partridge Lotus Management Services December 5, 2015

In Just 90 Days, We Increased Our Monthly Recurring Revenue By Over 172%!

“Using Robin’s program and the coaching provided during the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we took our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from $7,328 to $19,956. Not only did we experience a 172% increase in MRR over 90 days, we also created a very solid foundation for consistently generating leads, and developed the tools we need to demonstrate to those leads that we will deliver more than we promise. We are so happy that we chose to invest in the program, because this was the springboard we needed for our ultimate success.”

Benson Bashford AZCOMP Technologies December 6, 2015

We Added $485,000 To Our Sales Pipeline And Gained A New Sense Of Freedom

“Like many of Robin’s clients, I didn’t want to read and implement the ENTIRE Toolkit, so I tried cherry-picking what I wanted to do. If only I’d listened sooner! It wasn’t until I made a commitment and began implementing exactly as the Redhead teaches, that I began to really see the results that have made a huge impact on my business, in my life and provided me a new sense of freedom like never before. Following the recipe, we added $26,000 Of MRR In Just 90 Days (And Added $485,000 To Our Sales Pipeline). Thank you, Robin and the rest of the TMT team! We are excited about the future of our company.”

Ed Wenzel RedEye, Inc. December 7, 2015

We Added $802,221 In New Revenue In Just 3 Months!

“For the last 22 years, we’ve been successful selling IBM solutions and working with break-fix clients. With the advent of virtualization and cloud hosted applications and systems, we quickly realized hardware and maintenance sales/margins were declining and we would need a new way to do business.  We never did much in the way of marketing, instead relying on “word of mouth” referrals and Market Development Funds with IBM and Cisco to drive any new client acquisition. We never had a consistent marketing approach, a targeted list or tracked ROI.

We were frustrated and knew this had to change so a few members of our leadership team attended Robin’s Cyber Security Roadshow event. At that event, they were able to get a few minutes to discuss our struggles with Robin. Immediately, as a result of that conversation, we changed from a single managed services plan to having several MSP package options for our customers. That Roadshow set off a monumental turn of events for us.  We immediately signed up for Accelerators Club, Infusionsoft, partnered with ID Agent and Carvir and changed our MSP packaging.

We attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop with Robin and her team. While in Nashville we discussed campaigns, sales process, telemarketing, goals, tracking ROI, target market, USP, scrubbing lists and, most importantly, mindset.  Our team immediately dove into Robin’s 30-Day Implementation Checklist right from the start. I wanted to follow a marketing plan, and the group accountability calls and coaching helped me develop that plan and to stay with it.  As a side note, I can honestly say that without the Rapid Implementation Workshop, weekly group accountability calls and coaching from Robin’s team, I would have strayed from the program and wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now.  The 90-day rapid implementation training gave me an opportunity to try several different campaigns and strategies in an environment where I could get good feedback and support on a regular basis.

In addition to going back and selling our new managed services plans to existing clients, we’ve had the opportunity the last few months to run and execute on numerous marketing campaigns. In the last 90 days by implementing Robin’s methodology and advice, we have transformed our business and added $24,026.08 in new Monthly Recurring Revenue and another $208,808.87 in new sales.  We also reworked four existing MSP contracts totaling $25,425.00 in Monthly Recurring Revenue.  That totals $802,221.83 in revenue for the year on a $12,397.00 investment.

Prior to the Toolkit, our marketing efforts at Burk I.T. were disjointed and often one-off shots in the dark. The best tool that I’ve received so far from Robin is a true marketing methodology for our MSP that works. We have done EVERYTHING by the book, followed and implemented the checklists, watched the videos and done the work. We BELIEVE in this program and are 100% committed.  It’s been amazing to see all the hard work come full circle and to see results from every feature implemented!  Robin and her team have truly made our business Rewarding, Easy, Attractive and Lucrative!”

April Painter Burk I.T. Consulting December 9, 2015