2-Hour MSP Marketing Plan For MSP Events

2-Hour MSP Marketing Plan for MSP EventsGetting in front of IT leads at a seminar or webinar creates rapport and shrinks the IT sales process. But you’re not a marketer or event coordinator. To effectively execute an MSP event, you need a detailed MSP marketing plan to follow.

If you run an IT consulting firm and want an effective, repeatable marketing system to attract and close more high-quality prospects, this program is for you. In just two hours, you’ll learn how to promote and hold successful, lucrative IT seminars and webinars to sell managed services.

MSP Marketing Materials To Sell More Managed Services In 1 Day

As a trusted MSP consultant to more than 7,000 IT firms, I’ve spent 10+ years running IT webinars and seminars.

I’ve compiled every resource you’ll need to hold successful and dirt-cheap MSP events including webinars and seminars.

Hundreds of MSPs have used this IT services marketing plan to coordinate and promote revenue-generating events.

In this program, I’ll walk you through how to:

  • Document goals and success metrics for your IT webinar or seminar
  • Define your ideal target market
  • Differentiate your IT services and effectively communicate your value
  • Create your presentation and deliver the IT seminar content
  • Market your MSP event
  • Plan all seminar and webinar logistics

Enroll For Instant Access To MSP Marketing Templates And Training

By enrolling today, you’ll gain access to the following MSP marketing templates and training:

  • A half-day IT seminar marketing recording: My top clients paid $1,500 to attend this event and I want you to access the same knowledge. You’ll learn every trick, tactic and secret I know for using IT seminars and webinars to close profitable managed services contracts.In this training, I’ll answer all your questions about filling the room, choosing event locations and topics, avoiding logistical problems and driving organic interest to your IT services.
  • A complete technology seminar marketing timeline: Know when to start promoting your seminar, how to roll out the MSP marketing campaigns, what media to use (email, direct mail, telemarketing, etc.) and more. If you struggle with building an event list, I also reveal how big a list you need and what to do if you don’t have one.
  • Assets to make sure IT leads attend your event – and don’t just register and not show.
  • Training on delivering your presentation to overcome IT sales objections: Learn how to build extreme value, position yourself as a trusted IT advisor and truly educate prospects so they’re eager to work with you.
  • A 45-minute phone consultation: Speak directly with one of my top consultants to answer your questions or overcome any issues.

MSP Marketing Plans For Every Type Of Event

Your MSP has distinct strengths and differentiators. My event marketing plans help harness your core IT services and unique selling points to attract like-minded IT leads.

The 2-Hour MSP Marketing Miracle program includes the following IT event marketing types:

  • A Cloud Seminar Marketing Kit: This includes a PowerPoint presentation and marketing templates to fill your event with qualified prospects. Get a registration web page template, email campaigns, direct mail promotions and an MSP telemarketing script to drive awareness and attendance to your MSP event.
  • Backup And Disaster Recovery Marketing Kit: Access a done-for-you PowerPoint presentation and complete set of MSP marketing plan templates to fill your event with qualified prospects. You’ll receive assets including a registration webpage template, email campaigns, direct mail promotions and a MSP telemarketing script.
  • Seminar On Mobile Computing, Security And Cloud Computing: Cloud computing and security are EXTREMELY hot topic rights now. More companies use mobile devices in the workplace. You’re in an ideal situation to sell them cloud computing, mobile security and network upgrades.This program also includes a PowerPoint presentation and set of “cut and paste” IT marketing templates to compel qualified IT leads to attend your event.

Access The Same Training And MSP Marketing Templates These IT Services Firms Used…

I Closed Two Deals For $20,000/Month Contract For 36 Months!

“Thank you so much for the support and seminar strategies! I closed two deals for $20,000/month contract for 36 months! And I still have more leads to follow up with!”

Rosebell Murgu FedCom Technology June 19, 2017

We Had 81 People Register For The Seminar

“We had 81 people register for the seminar, with over half of them being new prospects. From that, we had 19 companies sign up for the threat assessment (all 50-100 seat companies) and five companies sign up IMMEDIATELY for our Managed Cyber Security Defense Package that we were selling. On top of that, we didn’t have to pay a dime since we had six sponsors who foot the entire bill for the seminar. I’m counting it as a huge success!”

Earl Foote Nexus ITE June 19, 2017

$39,480 In Net New Sales In A 2 Hour Event

“We developed and packaged a unified threat management solution and held a seminar to promote it using exactly what Robin taught us to do. Long story short, we sold 1/3 of the room and walked away with $39,480 in net new sales in a 2 hour event plus numerous projects that will close over the next few months.”

Jennifer & Liam Holmes MIS Solutions, Inc. June 19, 2017

I Sold Three Security Audits At $3,500 Each AND Got A New Managed Services Client For A $10,000 Project

“I had 58 people register and 55 attend our recent cyber security seminar Robin showed me how to do. From that seminar alone, I sold three Security Audits at $3,500 each AND got a new managed services client for a $10,000 project with monthly reoccurring revenue of $19,800 over 36 months!”

Willie Kerns SmartPath Technology June 19, 2017

I Had 40 People Register For The Event And Have Already Closed A $10,000 Managed Services Contract

“Thank you for your advice, Robin! I had 40 people register for the event and have already closed a $10,000 managed services contract from the seminar and have an appointment with another lead tomorrow! Again, just want to let you know that your formula works! (But then you already knew this!)”

Kathy David IT TechPros, Inc. June 19, 2017

Go Beyond IT Event Marketing

Beyond gaining everything you need for a successful MSP event, you’ll also refine your overall MSP marketing strategy. You’ll walk away from this program knowing how to:

  • Attract more qualified IT services leads and successful customers in a helpful, approachable way.
  • Inject efficiency in your IT lead generation process and sales cycle.
  • Massively differentiate your IT services firm competitors and elevate your brand to “trusted advisor” versus “computer guy.”
  • Craft a helpful sales process that nurtures IT leads and converts them when they’re ready to purchase.

You’re Covered By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Review the program for one full year (365 days). If you don’t feel it was worth FAR MORE than what you paid, simply return the product and we’ll issue you a full refund.

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