Welcome To The Holidaze!

Robin RobinsMSP Marketing

The most anticipated time of the year is here! Every weekday from Dec. 4th through Dec. 14th we’re celebrating you, the hardworking managed service providers, with a spectacular Holidaze event, brought to you by Channel Program and dozens of other IT vendors, including TMT.

We know you put in a ton of hours throughout the year, so 28 of us in the channel got together to offer you $16,000+ in prizes.

Who’s Sponsoring Holidaze?

Dozens of the coolest vendors in the channel, us included!  Here are the companies bringing you Holidaze, including our 3 sponsored grand prizes this year:

Prizes Galore!

Imagine winning a $500 Amazon gift card, or immersing yourself in virtual worlds with the Meta Quest 3. Gamers, get ready for the PlayStation 5! For music lovers, we have Airpods Max. And that’s just the beginning – a cutting-edge 3D printer, a gourmet Ooni pizza oven, and a $500 Yeti gift card are also up for grabs.

How to Enter

It’s easy – register now for your chance to win. Once you sign up, you’re automatically entered into all subsequent giveaways. The earlier you register, the more daily prizes you’re eligible for, including all three grand prizes. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something special.