Peter Verlezza

, SMB Networks, LLC,

Implementing Robin’s Marketing Strategies Has Allowed Me To Sleep Better At Night, Knowing I Have The Revenue I Need To Keep My Business Going

The first year we were a total break-fix business. With that model, we had to sit around until someone had a problem then jump to get their issue resolved. We weren’t profitable, didn’t have a steady stream of income and didn’t have any reliable ways to generate new clients outside of referrals. It didn’t take long to figure out ‘I didn’t like this’ so I decided to try Robin’s strategies.

Implementing Robin’s marketing strategies has allowed me to sleep better at night and not have to worry about where the next check to make payroll will come from. It’s also comforting to know each month starts with revenue. Our number of clients increased by 49% the first year and by 38% the following year.

To summarize the Robin experience I would say it’s made me aware that you need to show up every day. All the tools in the world look nice in the box, but to be successful they need to be put to use.

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