Ed Wenzel

, RedEye, Inc.,

We OVERSHOT Our Revenue Goal By $326K And Profits Jumped By 50%!

In 2005, I opened RedEye with my business partner, Andrea. Like most of Robin’s clients, we grew by waiting for referrals. This model allowed us to grow for the first eight or nine years. We got to the $1.5M mark in 2013. The next year, 2014, was a pivotal year with annual revenue eclipsing $1.9M.

Still, we had ZERO recurring revenue. We were doing ZERO marketing and had ZERO sales pipeline. This made me a bit nervous, but through it all, we still thought we were doing AWESOME!

Suddenly, we lost two of our largest clients, which made up 30% of our revenue. So I reached out to Robin (the redhead) and bought the Toolkit. Then I proceeded to cherry-pick and send out a single postcard campaign to prospects. ONLY ONCE. Obviously, I got no results from that campaign, and I shoved the Toolkit under my couch.

In November of 2015, I attended Robin’s Roadshow event in Newark, NJ. With a fire lit under my butt, I signed up for Producers Club! Now I HAD to be on Accountability Group calls, and I did NOT want to be that guy who shows up each week with an excuse as to why I did NOTHING.

Through LinkedIn prospecting, we landed a new client at $100K a year! We added value to our offerings by upselling most of our clients to higher-priced flat-fee contracts. This “low-hanging fruit” opportunity increased our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from under $50K a month to $125K every month! After attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we got very busy implementing tons of strategies and tactics. The results: we finally built a REAL pipeline just shy of $500K.

Our numbers exceeded our expectations. Our revenue goal for 2018 was $2.5M. We ended up at $2.826M, which is a 30% increase over our goal. Plus, our profitability was up over 50%! Thank you, Robin, Rich, Jeff, Debi, Alison and the rest of the team. We are excited about the future of RedEye!

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