Sales Follow-Up As Transparent As A Ghost

Robin Robins IT Managed Services

I’m always amazed at how non- existent follow-up is with companies that obviously want to generate more sales. Over the last month, I’ve been shopping online to purchase a new sofa. From the number of sites available and amount being spent on ad words, I can safely assume that the furniture industry is a very competitive business. Yet, these very same advertisers that are spending thousands of dollars to get people to their site are doing absolutely NOTHING to engage them or to follow-up with them. In 99% of the sites I’ve visited, there were zero opt-in forms offering anything — not even so much as a crummy newsletter, free brochure, or even a “contact us” section. I e-mailed 4 sites to inquire about purchasing a specific item and only heard back from one, and they didn’t even bother to call…just sent me an e-mail directing me back to the site that,by the way, wasn’t even working.

Now, if you have all the customers you can handle, then feel free to ignore the leads that come in, but at least be smart enough to stop paying to generate them.

If you are spending money to get them to raise their hand, you better jump on ‘em quick. Prospects have zero patience or tolerance these days, and they are not going to wait around for you to call. Like me, they’re off shopping the hundred other companies in your area or market offering the same exact thing.