Sales Coach Jack Daly’s Advice To Always Complete Your Goals

Robin Robins General, IT Sales Leave a Comment

Something I believe is you should never set a goal you’re not serious about. If you set a goal but don’t follow through, then you train yourself to never be serious about reaching the goals you have set. When I set a goal, I’m dead serious about finishing it. I will follow through and I will get it done.  

I think so many people set these half-assed goals and they’re setting themselves up with a poor mindset. It’s the same issue when someone else is “making them” set these goals and they’re not really bought in because it wasn’t their idea in the first place.  

I had Jack Daly talk a little bit about the importance of setting goals, being serious about it and how that impacts the results of every goal set.  

Jack explained that he recommends reading a book called Relentless by Tim Grover. It is a fantastic read and I have even had Tim speak at one of my events before.

He elaborates in reference to the book “…it’s all about owning that goal.” There are three categories of people, the ultimate is the cleaner. When you think about the pro golf tour, Tiger Woods made it to the Masters and made the cut yet we didn’t think he’d be walking a year ago. However, here he is in one of the most prestigious golf tournaments. Why? The answer is because he’s a cleaner, he’s set that as a goal with the mentality of “whatever the hell I need to do.”  

He played and practiced in pain for a year to get there. It wasn’t because somebody was hounding him or holding him accountable. He was holding himself accountable because he set that serious goal and he meant it. My wife read the book Relentless, and said, “Holy shit, I’m married to a cleaner. I live with a relentless guy.” And now she’s listening to the book every single month for a full year to get her Tim Grover fix. And that’s the wiring of goal-setting.  

If you’re going to put that sucker down as a goal, then it’s got to be a part of you. No different than taking a breath. It is like breathing. 

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