Reactivate Unconverted Leads With The 9-Word Email

Robin Robins MSP Marketing

The journey of a lead from the initial touchpoint to the final sale is rarely a straight line. We’ve all been there—engaging with a prospect who seems ready to seal the deal, only to have them pause to ‘think it over’ even after you’ve laid out your best quote. Or perhaps you’ve connected with someone at a trade show, received a warm referral, or had a productive networking event, and still, the lead doesn’t materialize into that crucial initial call. It’s a common scenario, leaving many MSP owners pondering the fate of these unconverted leads.

Understanding The Unconverted Lead

An unconverted lead is not just a missed opportunity; it’s a potential client who has expressed interest but hasn’t yet made the purchase. They’re at various stages in the buying process—some could be a week away from deciding, while others might not be ready for a year. But what they all have in common is the need and the initial interest. They’re part of your pipeline, a collection of potential clients who are ‘thinking it over.’

Mastering The 9-Word Email: A Multipurpose Tool For MSPs

There’s a secret weapon in the world of communication, one that’s especially powerful for MSPs dealing with unconverted leads: the 9-word email. This isn’t a gimmick; it’s a strategic instrument designed to cut through hesitation and reopen conversations that have gone silent. But the utility of this tool goes beyond just reawakening lost leads.

Versatile Applications

The beauty of the 9-word email lies in its adaptability. It can be a question, a reminder, or an offer—all in nine precise words. Think of it as your Swiss Army knife for communication. Whether you’re following up after a lengthy silence, checking in after an initial meeting, or just trying to gauge continued interest, the 9-word email is your go-to.

Crafting The Perfect 9-Word Email

The art of this email is in its construction. Nine words mean you have to choose each word carefully. The aim is to be direct but not abrasive, inquisitive but not invasive. It’s about finding that sweet spot where your message is clear and your intent is transparent. For MSP owners, it could be as straightforward as, “Is your network security still a concern for you?” This immediately brings the discussion back to the forefront of their minds, reminding them of their needs and your solutions.

Alternative Uses

But let’s not pigeonhole the 9-word email as a one-trick pony. It’s not just for rekindling cold leads. This approach can be used to follow up after proposals, check in post-service delivery, or even to confirm attendance for an upcoming webinar. It’s about reactivating interest wherever it has lapsed, with the goal of driving the recipient to take action.

How to Use It

When deploying this tactic, timing is everything. You don’t want to appear desperate or pushy. Use it when a lead has gone cold, or after enough time has passed that your prospect might need a gentle reminder of their initial interest. And when they respond—and they often will—be ready to engage in a meaningful conversation. This is your cue to listen, to adapt, and to move them down your sales funnel with care and precision.

In Practice

Use the 9-word email sparingly and strategically. It’s a powerful tool when used correctly, but it can lose its effectiveness if overused. It’s like that ace up your sleeve—you play it when the stakes are high, and you need to make an impact.


So when you find yourself staring at a list of unconverted leads, remember that they are far from a lost cause. They’re simply awaiting that nudge, that moment of reconnection that reminds them why they considered your MSP in the first place. That’s what the 9-word email is all about—transforming the silence into a dialogue, the inactive into the active, and the unconverted into a thriving business relationship.

Take this tool and use it. With the right timing and a dash of personalization, the 9-word email can turn the ‘thinking it over’ into a definitive step towards collaboration.

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