Q&A: Should I Go Through A Rebrand?

Robin RobinsMSP Marketing

In a recent Q&A session, I was presented with a question from Nerds in a Flash, a top-tier MSP with a strong foothold in the industry. The question at hand was a significant one: should they consider a rebrand? This is a reflection of my response, a blend of industry insights and strategic foresight, aimed at guiding Nerds in a Flash and other MSPs through the intricate landscape of brand identity.

My Perspective On Rebranding And Market Success

‘Nerds in a Flash’ has certainly carved a niche in the MSP sector, evident from hundreds of Google reviews and their standing in the top 20% of MSPs in terms of revenue. This success story reflects a brand that resonates, a name that connects. It’s why my initial reaction was, “I think rebranding is a mistake.” The brand equity built over years of service shouldn’t be overlooked or hastily altered.

I advise a cautious approach, one that demands substantial, concrete evidence from the marketplace. If a rebrand is being considered, it should be backed by exhaustive market research, polling thousands of customers to gauge the necessity and potential impact of such a significant change.

The Significance Of Brand Names And Strategic Evolution

In the realm of business, unique or unconventional names are not just common but often become iconic symbols. Consider Zappos; what does that have to do with shoes? Yet, it’s a brand that’s become synonymous with quality footwear and exceptional service. The name, as unusual as it may seem, is ingrained in the market’s consciousness, a testament to its narrative and the values it represents.

For ‘Nerds in a Flash,’ this serves as a reminder that the strength of a brand goes beyond its name. It’s about the experiences, the trust, and the narrative that the name embodies.

Embracing Strategic Brand Evolution

One strategic avenue I discussed with ‘Nerds in a Flash’ involves productizing their offerings. Instead of rebranding the entire company, consider rebranding or introducing new product offerings. This approach allows for a refreshed market presence without disrupting the established brand equity.

For instance, introducing ‘VIP Managed Services’ under the existing brand umbrella allows for innovation and growth while maintaining the core brand identity. It’s a strategy we’ve embraced with offerings like MSP Launch, Accelerators, and Producers Club. This approach is about more than just a service; it’s about packaging your solutions, naming them strategically, and tailoring them to specific client segments.


In conclusion, the journey of ‘Nerds in a Flash’ in considering a rebrand offers valuable insights into the complex dynamics of MSP branding. It underscores the need for a strategic, evidence-based approach to any significant branding decision. It’s about understanding the intrinsic value of your brand, the narrative it holds, and how strategic product evolution can refresh your market presence while preserving the core identity that has driven your success.

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