A Personal Story About A Pink Carnival “Ferret” And Why You Can Trust Us To Not Disappoint You

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pink carnival ferretI want to share with you a very personal story about a pink Carnival “ferret” and why you can trust us to NOT disappoint you.

If you’ve checked us out, or looked at any of our nearly 400 recent client reviews or case studies, I think you’ll agree that we make a compelling case about our ability to help MSPs and IT services companies get results in marketing with the Technology Marketing Toolkit.

However, YOU might be skeptical, thinking that all of this sounds a little too good to be true. Yes, we’ve helped a lot of people – but the question on YOUR mind is can we help YOU?

I’m sure you’ve heard similar “pitches” from other marketing companies and have, most likely, invested both time and money with other people making similar claims, only to be sorely disappointed that you didn’t see the leads and new clients you had hoped for and had been promised.

I know how you feel and I want to share a personal story with you that I feel is important to answering the question, “Can we actually help YOU in YOUR situation, or will you be disappointed yet again?”

Back when I was 7 years old, my parents let me spend 2 weeks over the summer at my grandparents’ summer home WITHOUT my 4 siblings. It was a rare and unique opportunity and I loved having my Nana and Pop-Pop all to myself. During my stay, a small traveling carnival rolled into the small town for the weekend and plastered advertisements all over the telephone poles and small grocery stores and gas stations my grandparents frequented.

Desperate to go, I begged my grandparents to take me, but my grandfather couldn’t walk more than a few steps due to contracting polio as a child, which left him crippled, and my grandmother had a severe heart condition that also limited her activity – so they told me it was a no-go. Fortunately, one of the teenagers in the neighborhood, whose parents were good friends with my grandparents, offered to take me.

I was thrilled!

Wanting me to have a good time, my grandmother gave me a $5 bill right before I left and told me in no uncertain terms that I was NOT to waste the money and that I should use it to buy myself an ice cream cone or to go on the rides. Back then, we were poor, so $5 to my grandmother was a lot of money, and I felt the weight of the responsibility to use the money wisely.

However, once I got to the fair, the lights, sounds and excitement took over and I was drawn in by one of the carnies who enticed me over to his “pop the balloon” dart game, promising me the ability to win one of the giant stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling. I was hooked. My 7-year-old self really wanted that big teddy bear, and I wanted to bring it back to show off to my siblings to make them jealous and to my Nana to make her proud.

So, without a second thought, I handed over my $5 to play the game, and to my excitement, after a few tries, I actually won, popping 2 balloons! I was over the moon – until the man handed me what looked like a small, dead pink ferret with no arms and no legs. It was nothing more than a cheap strip of pink, fake fur with two stickers for eyes.

Surely there was some mistake!

Confused, I told him I didn’t want that – I was playing for the giant brown teddy bear hanging from the ceiling with the big red bow around his neck. He promptly told me that the only way to get THAT prize was to keep playing (and winning) the game, trading up my prizes, until I earned it. Out of money, and too little to know how to call him out on his BS, I took the pink, dead-ferret-looking thing and walked away, ashamed and embarrassed that I had been had. Even then I knew what he did was wrong, but who was I to stand up to an adult?

Later that night when we left, I threw the pink ferret into the trash when exiting the fair and put on a brave face to my Nana when I got back, telling her about how much fun I had and the ice cream I bought myself, secretly sick to my stomach about not only how stupid I had been, but also for lying to cover up my embarrassment and avoid her being angry with me.

I’ll never forget my disappointment.

Fast-forward to my adult career and working for several marketing agencies as a sales rep. I was constantly shocked at how little these agencies cared about their clients and the results they were getting. I recall directly challenging the CEO of the last agency I worked for about how a campaign they put together for a client would CLEARLY not deliver results, and being told to “shut up, stop trying to coach clients and go make another sale.”

Another agency I worked for even went so far as to not mail out the direct mail campaigns their clients had paid for, pocketing the money they should have spent on postage instead.

Just appalling, shameful behavior.

The minute I discovered it, I felt the same level of stupidity and disappointment as the little girl with the pink ferret in her hand – after all, I took the job so this was my fault.

Sadly, this is a common, recurring theme for many marketing agencies that are simply gloried fulfillment shops motivated to get you to spend as much as you can on media, rather than strategists who are motivated to show you how to get the best possible RESULT.

That’s why I decided a long time ago that I would ALWAYS do the right thing and only deliver marketing campaigns, services and advice that would get RESULTS and NOT disappoint my clients. It’s one of the reasons I have such a generous money-back guarantee on the Toolkit; I do NOT want you to feel like you’ve been “had” or that you haven’t gotten extreme value from my program.

That’s also why I make it VERY clear that my program is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It will take work and effort – and I don’t hide that or make apologies for it. ALL success in business is achieved that way, and anyone selling you the “no work” plan to getting more leads or high-paying clients is no better than that crooked carny taking advantage of a little 7-year-old kid.

But this I can promise you: the Technology Marketing Toolkit WORKS.

HOWEVER, if you ever feel, for any reason, that it won’t work for YOU, or that it won’t deliver the value you want, you can get your money back as outlined in our guarantee, without a hassle, without having to jump through 12 hoops and get a letter from your momma. Just send the program back and sign a letter saying you want a refund and it’s done THAT DAY.

I don’t know of many companies that do this. You might not even be so bold as to offer such a guarantee because you know, as I do, that not everyone is honest and ethical. BUT I have high confidence in our program and I NEVER want you to feel like you’ve been sold a “pink ferret.”

So, if you’re up for finally getting a productive, working marketing plan implemented in your business and you’re done with random acts and hope, then I would encourage you to at least give my program a fair shot. You have more than my word it will work – you have my written money-back guarantee.

Dedicated to your success,