How Offering A Free Assessment Can Help MSPs Refine Their Sales Process

Robin Robins MSP Marketing

I want to dive into the world of sales assessments and how they can make or break your journey toward closing deals. Selling is like navigating a winding path through the woods. You have to stay on track, avoid wandering off into the jaws of objections, and lead your prospects toward the ultimate destination: a successful sale.

Offering Free Assessments

During a sales assessment, you must point out the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your prospect’s setup, without offering them a detailed blueprint for the fix. Instead, you’re shining a light on all the leaky areas of their cybersecurity or any other concern. It’s a delicate dance of unveiling the gaps without overwhelming them with technical jargon.

Let’s be honest; you won’t close every single deal, and that’s just a part of the game. A free consultation might attract some skeptics who say, “No thanks, we’ll handle it ourselves,” or “We’ll stick with our old provider.” Don’t let these outliers deter you from offering a free assessment. It’s all about refining your process to address objections effectively.

Refining Your Sales Process

In the sales world, you encounter three main types of prospects. First, the “lay downs” are easygoing and ready to buy, often coming in through referrals. Then there are the “never buying” folks, stubbornly resisting any sales pitch. Finally, the majority falls into the “convincible” category, where uncertainty hovers over their decision-making process.

This is where your sales prowess comes into play. Your process should be like the battle-hardened trailblazer in The Wolf of Wall Street, confidently guiding prospects along the path, keeping them away from those objection-eating bears. Your objective is clear: lead them to the sale, no matter how many twists and turns the conversation takes.

Remember, objections are simply part of the journey. They don’t invalidate the offer of a free assessment; instead, they challenge you to strengthen your sales acumen. It’s about handling objections gracefully, gaining trust, and demonstrating authority without being a “dickish asshole.” (Yes, that’s a technical term.)

Picture your sales process as a systematic pathway that leads your prospects through the dense forest of uncertainty. Let them wander off a bit, but always pull them back onto the path with finesse. Keep control of the conversation, exuding confidence and assurance in your abilities.

Sure, you’ll encounter unique situations, and every salesperson has their band camp stories. But remember, the free assessment offer isn’t the problem. It’s all about mastering the art of navigating objections and turning uncertainties into certainties. If you embrace the challenge and refine your approach, you’ll find that more of those 70-80% “convincible” prospects will turn into successful deals.

So, keep honing your skills, perfect your process, and stay on the path to sales triumph.

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