Marketing For Success: Brian Satz’s Proven Approach To Accelerating Business Growth

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In this blog post, we explore the remarkable journey of Brian Satz, founder of CW I.T. Support, as he shares his experiences and strategies that led to significant growth and profitability in 2022. From humble beginnings as a side hustle to evolving into a thriving MSP with a $3 million run rate, Brian’s story offers valuable insights and lessons for business owners looking to achieve breakthrough success.

From Side Hustle To Thriving MSP

Brian’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2010 when he started dabbling in computer repairs and odd jobs from his garage while working full-time at Time Warner Cable. As demand for his services grew, Brian expanded his team and ventured into the retail residential computer market. In 2016, recognizing the need for focus and differentiation, he split the company into two entities: Computer Warriors (retail) and CW I.T. Support (MSP). This strategic move paved the way for future success.

A Year Of Breakthroughs

The pivotal year for CW I.T. Support was 2022, marked by exponential growth and profitability. With a 6x increase in profitability and achieving double-digit net operating income for the first time, the company experienced remarkable financial success. Brian attributes this achievement to a combination of price increase strategies and adopting insights from financial expert Greg Crabtree’s “Simple Numbers” approach, which revolutionized their decision-making process.

Embracing Marketing With Strategic Help

Recognizing the importance of marketing, Brian emphasized the need for support in this area. From hiring a marketing admin early on to collaborating with fractional marketing managers, he ensured that marketing was not solely on his plate. This strategic move allowed him to focus on leadership, operations, and business growth, while the marketing team pushed boundaries with effective campaigns.

Maximizing Value From Existing Clients

A key driver of CW I.T. Support’s success was the focus on maximizing value from existing clients. Brian firmly believes in the power of upselling and cross-selling to enhance customer satisfaction and revenue. The company’s core value of adding more value than any other competitor in the industry served as a guiding principle, leading to successful upsells and additional services provided to their loyal clientele.

Acquisition As An Effective Growth Strategy

Another significant milestone in CW I.T. Support’s journey was the successful acquisition of a business. Brian’s acquisition experience taught him the value of acquiring clients, which often proves more effective than traditional marketing efforts. By becoming the incumbent after an acquisition, the company gains an advantage in retaining and upselling new clients. This strategic approach contributed to their growth and profitability.

Parting Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Brian offers invaluable advice to fellow entrepreneurs aspiring to achieve similar breakthroughs:

  1. Delegate Marketing: As a business owner, focus on sales, growth, and strategy, and delegate marketing tasks to dedicated team members or fractional marketing managers.
  2. Prioritize Existing Clients: Maximize value from existing clients through upselling and cross-selling, as they are more likely to stay loyal and provide greater ROI.
  3. Strategically Acquire Clients: Consider acquisitions as a growth strategy, as it can be more effective than traditional marketing methods in acquiring new clients.
  4. Implement Price Increases: Use data-driven pricing strategies to boost profitability and create a firm financial foundation for growth.


Brian Satz’s journey with CW I.T. Support exemplifies the power of strategic decision-making, focus, and effective marketing. From starting as a side hustle to becoming a thriving MSP, his commitment to maximizing client value and implementing sound financial strategies led to impressive growth and profitability. Aspiring entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from his story and implement his advice to achieve their own breakthroughs in business.

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