How To Use This Idea To Generate More Sales For Your Business

Robin RobinsIT Managed Services

Send pprospects a one-page sales letter in a brown lunch bag from your staff with the headline:

“YourName Says There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, But We Say This Is A Free Network Tune Up!” Include two vouchers…one for them and one for a colleague to get a free network tune up or a ‘get out of computer trouble free’ visit (1-2 hours of free technical support) for $50.

Another way you could use this concept is to promote a lunch seminar using the headline:
“Most People Say There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch But We’d Like To Prove Them Wrong By Giving You One.”

Include two tickets; one for them and one for a colleague or co-worker to get a hot lunch while you deliver a content-rich seminar on the topic of security, spam, meeting regulations, or whatever.

If you use this idea, just make sure to model the letter as closely as you can. That means using the same type of photo, copy, offer, P.S. and “free lunch” tie in. I would also make sure
to put a time limit on the offer as they have on the prescription slips. Usually a 10-day window works best.

Quick note about mailing your letter in a brown paper bag: Make sure you tape down the flap so it lays flat. You’ll also want to fold the top of the bag over and tape it down so the letter doesn’t fall out (obviously).

Make sure you use a real $.37 stamp. Running these bags through a printer to address them would be next to impossible so I recommend using a shipping label with your return address at the top and the mailing address on the bottom. You can then use this shipping label to tape down the flap on the bag.

Finally, I’ve enclosed a sample “million dollar thank you” letter that you can copy and use.

With a little modification, this same letter could be sent as a follow up to a sales presentation: “Thanks A Million For Giving Us A Chance To Win Your Business”, or “Thanks A Million For Meeting With Us.”

Then go on to outline 3 promises you make to every client, your unique selling proposition, or one powerful reason why you feel you would be the best choice for their project.

If you have questions about how to implement any of these marketing ideas, just give my office a call at 615-790-5011 or send me an
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