How To Sell Managed Services (Part 2)

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This is part 2 of a video that I shot on block hours and it was based on a question that I got on our member portal. The member was asking how to sell managed services to break-fix clients. And the last video was more about why you don’t want to sell block hours. (You might want to go watch that one first).

So, essentially what this member was saying is, “Hey, I’ve got a bunch of clients that are buying our block hours. How do I sell managed services to them? What do I say to them? Because they’re kind of coming to me going, ‘well, what’s the difference? and, why do I need this?” and he’s like, “I’m really struggling to come up with an answer.”

You’ve got to get your client to understand that computer networks, especially for businesses, are not static assets. They absolutely 100% need regular ongoing maintenance and monitoring for cybersecurity protection and backup.

Because I cannot tell you how many stories are out there of companies where the backup didn’t work. Something happens, files get corrupted, and they go to find the backup and it’s gone.

I just had a friend of mine call me out of desperation, they have corrupt files, they went to the backup and the device was missing from the office. They didn’t even know where the physical thing was and they think it was supposed to be backed up to the cloud but they don’t know. Well, that’s gone, it’s gone, so there are all kinds of reasons why computer networks need regular ongoing maintenance not just setting up the backup, but someone making sure the backups are happening, not just setting up antivirus or Advanced endpoint protection, but actually monitoring for alerts and looking for problems at the network.

So, I think that’s the first thing you got to make your client understand. The need for proactive maintenance on a computer network to keep it secure and backed up.

Okay, now, if they buy that then it’s a matter of, “well, how do we go about doing that?” now, there’s a lot of ways you can bill so it’s just a billing question.

Managed Services essentially is an agreed-upon set of services you’re going to rinse repeat every single month and you agree with the client you’re going to get paid X dollars to do that and not in block hours, because block hours, look if you watch my other video, block hours sets you and the client on opposite ends of the table and it creates an adversarial situation. So, that’s why I don’t like block hours you can go watch that other video and you can see all my reasons for that.

So, then what you agree that they were going to be doing these 20 things these 10 things, these whatever it is you come up with, we’re going to be doing these every month we’re going to do it on a proactive basis, this is what it’s worth, and this is what we’re going to charge you every month that way you have a steady static IT bill, and that’s managed Services, right?

And, you can say, “Well, you know we can do that with block hours.”

Yes, you can, but again I think you want to get away from selling block hours. And you can watch my other video on that.

But, that’s why you need managed Services folks it’s simple, because if you know if anything happens to your network the data disappears, files get corrupt, you get ransomware, you know you want somebody who can turn that situation – well, prevent the situation from happening in the first place, but should that happen you need somebody who’s been monitoring and maintaining the backups, the security of the network so they can prevent it from happening or restore you back quickly, and that really folks, that’s the bottom line of why you want to sell managed services.

So, I hope you got a lot of value out of this – if you didn’t then tell me.

I mean just write a comment below and say this video sucked. I’m sure I’m inviting a lot of haters but post a comment telling me what else you’d like to know. I hope this was useful and as I said – hit me up, like and subscribe, put a comment below, thanks!

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