How To Score Appointments And Sales With Bigger Clients

Robin Robins Managed Services, Technology Marketing

7 Fundamentals To Successfully Sell To Bigger Accounts

  1. Approach prospects with CONFIDENCE. There is nothing more detrimental to the sales process than appearing needy, nervous or insecure.
  2. Start at the TOP.
  3. Never forget that you are dealing with PEOPLE and that EMOTIONS are driving their decisions regardless of how big or small the organization. The key drivers are:
    • Fear
    • Ego and Competitiveness (desire to be #1)
    • Wanting to feel important; make smart decisions
    • Avoiding embarrassment
    • Greed, turf protection and the desire for self-preservation
  1. Have a clear, strong, and quantifiable VALUE PROPOSITION that is meaningful to a C-Level decisionmaker.
    • Position yourself as a business consultant not a “techie”
    • Know what the NET benefits are if a client engages with you
    • Know why a prospect should choose YOU over any and every other option (USP or key differentiators)
  1. Never limit your touch point to ONLY ONE PERSON. Almost ALL decisions in larger companies are made by a group of people.
  2. RESEARCH your prospects carefully to know:
  • Who their customers are and what they do for them
  • Who the potential decisionmakers and influencers are
  • What industry trends are affecting them
  • Who their competitors are
  • What significant changes or initiatives are going on
  • What’s HOT in their industry right now
  • What’s controversial in their industry right now
  1. Remember, not everyone will see value in what you do or be ready to engage with you right away; the worst they can say is NO.

3 Execution Steps:

Step 1: Define Your Value Proposition And Key Differentiators

  • At least part of your value proposition has to have a direct financial impact on the organization (save money, make money) if you want to get an appointment with the CEO/CFO.
  • Create this by talking to your existing customers using the “Value Proposition Creator” and quantifying what you’ve done for them.

Step 2: Choose Your Targets

  • Make a “Top 50-100” hit list
  • Research those clients using Hoovers and by going to their web sites
  • If you don’t know or can’t find who the key influencers are, use the “Telemarketing Script For Cleaning And Qualifying A Cold List.”

Step 3: Execute The Process

  • Divide your prospects up into small, manageable groups of similar organizations.
  • Mail your letters using #10 envelopes, hand-addressed or via FedEx if you can afford the extra cost.
  • Make your follow-up calls within 2-3 days of the letter hitting the desks of your prospects.