This MSP Went From 100% Break-Fix To 100% Managed Services And Increased MRR By $118,659 Last Year

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I started my company about 23 years ago and like many people, I just got thrown into it. I remember back when I started, it was because the company I was working for was being bought out by somebody. They ended up letting me go and out of necessity, I started my own business, Network Providers. We have seen substantial growth and are now up to 28 employees.

I worked really hard at trying to grow the business, but I didn’t know how to do it. That is when I turned to Technology Marketing Toolkit and in the last few years since joining TMT we have really taken off. I did most of the tech work myself for a long time and now as a member of Producers Club I am able to get out of being a tech and into running the business.

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He Made $2 Million In Revenue During The Covid Outbreak

I joined Producers Club in 2020 and I remember starting in February and then COVID hit right after we joined – that same year we did about $2 million in revenue. We had about 15 employees then and by 2021 we grew to 18 employees and were up to about $2.4 million in revenue…but we were still break-fix.

It was a struggle every month trying to figure out where we were at and then I really started listening to Robin’s seminars and learned exactly how to move my break-fix customers to managed service clients. In 2020 we were at $55,000. and by 2021 we saw $98,000 growth in MRR totaling $155,00. I didn’t think we could top that and then in 2022 we did $118,000 in new MRR, about 3.2 million in revenue, and we added 10 new employees.

What was crazy is we were doing all that without any help desk. So, this past year we decided we needed a help desk to scale. We were just kind of stumbling around trying to figure out what we were doing and as I met with my accountability group and saw what they were doing, plus listening to what Robin was recommending in all the webinars, I was able to start a help desk. That is when we really saw substantial growth.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is I needed to be more focused on organizing the company and running it the correct way to keep my numbers up. The structure that TMT provides has been really helpful. I reached out to Will Nobles, VP of Client Coaching for TMT and owner of Vector Choice, and asked for his organizational chart which was very helpful in figuring out how to structure my business because I had no idea how.

Stop Working In The Business And Work On The Business

When I first started, I was doing everything myself. I didn’t have a marketing manager, I didn’t have anyone in operations, I didn’t have any of those things. I was killing myself and my family. I’ve been married for 33 years and I was needing something that would help me grow the business so that I could spend more time with my family.

Then, I got that dollar in the mail in the red envelope, and I was like, what in the world is this? This is how my journey began.

I just did everything the way Robin said to. Then, I got into my accountability group, and we pushed each other. It is a slow process, but I’ve learned how to do it. Once I was able to do it myself, then I was able to hire a marketing manager and say, okay, I want you to do this now. And then tell the Operations manager, I want you to take this off me. I did all the campaigns that we went through during Rapid Implementation. I wasn’t really great at it, but the point is, I just kept trying, kept doing it right, and stuck to it. That is the biggest thing – sticking to it, and I saw such success from it.

I took the pricing sheet for pricing your MSP that Robin recommended and presented it to my biggest client and said, this is your price per end user and they agreed. We did it. And then I’ve just been rolling through it with all my clients.

Robin gave me the book on how to run my business and that the marketing happens by following the process. I had no idea what I was doing and in rapid implementation, I remember thinking to myself, how’s the business doing? Right now we can actually look and see that we’re profitable. Our profits have tripled. This is the best year I’ve ever had. We will go over 4 million that is unreal to me.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel. Follow The Process.

My marketing manager found TMT’s Prospect Hopper System, which has been very successful for us. We have used the Dark Web Scan Campaign and molded it to fit our events and our LinkedIn Campaign. This system gives you monthly templates for campaigns for you to hand off to your marketing person to brand and implement. It is simple and it works.

My marketing manager will sometimes suggest new ways to do these campaigns and I am always saying, don’t reinvent the wheel, stick to the process. It works!

The biggest takeaway is to follow the process and stick to it. Get out of the tech role and into the CEO role if you want to scale and add $118,000 in new MRR as I did.

If you want a “sneak preview” of what these finalists will share at this year’s Boot Camp, go to and download the essays these finalists submitted to secure their spot as Better Your Best Finalist.