How I Added $400,000 In Under 6 Months To My MSP

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I consider Automates my little jet fighter. Four years ago, we were only doing $270,000 in revenue and now we are at $1.9 million. We just crossed the threshold, and we are about to hit the $2 million mark. This year we will definitely surpass it. We have grown through a couple acquisitions, and we have broken away from the break-fix mindset and focused on managed services now. It seems like we’re off to the races, and we are establishing a good team that sees the vision as well as building our leadership team.

How Letting Go Of Ego Helped Boost Revenue

I found Robin Robins in 2022 online and I signed up right away. I had never heard of her before but out of fate my office manager had been watching a video on YouTube and I realized I was watching the same redhead so we started collaborating. Within, I think two hours, I had a contract in hand, and the very next morning I had it signed and I was on my way to attend Rapid Implementation 55 completely and utterly clueless.

I didn’t sign up with Technology Marketing Toolkit for the marketing aspect, I signed up for access to the coaching. It was the coaching that sold me. I spent a lot of time letting my own personal pride and ego get in the way of seeking help from other CEOs or like-minded CEOs. This was the perfect resource for me to communicate with peers and ask questions. Rapid 55 was information through a fire hose. It was a lot. I was timid going in, but the team was quick to put me at ease. And then I learned so much, so quickly, and it was so relatable to my business. I just love how everything was broken down.

First You Have to Learn To Crawl Before You Run

For me, it was knowing that what I was currently doing wasn’t working. We went through the acquisitions and went through the growth that we were going to see from the acquisitions, but then it became a matter of needing to organically grow the company through sales and marketing. I knew that was our next step. It was just taking that leap of faith. What we were doing internally up to that point was not working and we had to do something. We didn’t take big steps. We crawled. I had to learn how to crawl and then I took timid little steps and little by little, I just soaked it in. The Technology Marketing Toolkit Dashboard is massive. I soaked in as much as I could and I was consistently watching the sessions and doing the homework. From there, you start to pick up little things. You’re not going to walk away from Rapid Implementation retaining 90% of the information, but if you can get 30% or 40%, in some cases, probably even less than that, then you can build on that foundation that they provide.

Start With Your Current Clients

One thing I learned from Robin is to start internally with your active clients. We started with the nine-word email campaign. Everyone should be doing Technology Business Reviews across the board and that was something we were timid to do. It was almost like we didn’t want to face our clients. We didn’t want to hear any criticism or any negativity and the TBR Campaign forced our hands. I would say do your TBR, do your nine-word email campaigns and maintain that constant contact with your clients. Even if you go into a TBR without sales in mind, it just happens.

It Came Quick! We Added $77,000 In Just 2 Weeks

I wanted proof of concept with the Technolgy Marketing Toolkit marketing. I told my coach that is all I needed, was proof of concept, and that came so quickly. I mean, absolutely so quickly. Within two weeks, I had added $77,000 to our top line revenue. Within six months, that went up to over $400,000 to our top line. Just absolutely incredible ROI.

I would say for those that are timid, start small. Start with the nine-word email to find some of those inactive clients that you haven’t heard from in six months and bring them back into the conversation little by little. I would assume that most new partners of Technology Marketing Toolkit are going to have a lot of inactive clients. We had over 170 inactive clients that we hadn’t heard from since the acquisitions and so we started there. We started with just a little email here and there and then we had that proof of concept.

Once we got proof of concept, it was off to the races. It was MSP Success Magazine, Physical Shock and Awe Boxes, Marketing Coordinator and a Sherpa and so on. And it just made sense. I can’t pound the table enough about having these resources.

Flipping The Script

It was my own limitation, my own limiting beliefs, saying I don’t have the time, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the time. And then, you know, once I bought into the product and I’ve seen proof of concept, I made time and then I could delegate to my team. We have added staff because the technicians do more work, but in the back office we’re still building SDRs. We’re still building our back office so we can put our foot firmly on the gas pedal and keep it there. That is our only limitations now is we’re starting to get to the point where we’re going to need more back-office people. We’re going to need more SDRs. We’re trying to get out of the mindset of being an IT company, trying to do sales, to becoming a sales company that does IT. We’re trying to flip the script.

It is possible, use me as a proof of concept. I’m just a southern boy that happened on Technology Marketing Toolkit. If it works for me, it can work for you too. If anyone ever has questions, feel free to hit me up in person.

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