From $650k to $2M: The Accelerated Rise of Intelisys and Their Proven Marketing Formula

Robin Robins MSP Marketing

We’re excited to share the inspiring journey of Franz Trisnadi, CEO of Intelisys, a company on a mission to influence, inspire, and empower individuals to achieve their goals. Join us as we delve into their success story, discover the strategies that led to their impressive growth, and learn valuable lessons from their focus on inbound marketing and exceptional customer service.

Unwavering Mission

At the heart of Intelisys lies a powerful mission: to make a positive impact on everyone they encounter, whether it’s their valued clients or their own dedicated team members. Franz explains how their primary focus is to empower and inspire both internally and externally. It’s the fulfillment of this mission that fuels their drive to go above and beyond for their clients, ensuring they reach their objectives with the utmost care and expertise.

A Year Of Breakthroughs

The turning point for Intelisys came in 2022, a year marked by hard work, dedication, and unwavering focus. A critical element of their success was their commitment to inbound marketing and online strategies, which resulted in an astounding number of leads. Franz shares the thrill of “one call closes,” where their optimized content resonated with prospects in urgent need of IT services, leading to immediate sales and revenue generation.

Navigating The Obstacles

Franz candidly discusses the challenges he faced, particularly with ADHD making it difficult for him to focus initially. However, he credits the TMT (Technology Marketing Toolkit) community, the Accelerator program, and invaluable mentors for guiding him through the intricacies of inbound marketing. The program’s emphasis on repetition and focus proved instrumental in creating a solid foundation for success.

The Power Of Messaging

Franz highlights the significance of developing a unique selling proposition (USP) and creating relatable, human-centric content on their website. By showcasing real-life photos of the team and prioritizing personal interactions with clients, they fostered trust and a sense of familiarity that ultimately led to increased conversions.

Lessons In Growth

Reflecting on their remarkable journey, Franz shares invaluable lessons for other business owners aspiring to achieve exponential growth:

  1. Embrace the Community: Engage with the TMT community, network with peers, and seek guidance from experienced coaches and mentors.
  2. Rapid Implementation is Gold: Revisit the Rapid Implementation Workshop to grasp the basics and focus on building a solid foundation for your marketing strategy.
  3. Focus on Inbound Marketing: Prioritize inbound marketing efforts to attract qualified leads and establish your brand as a trustworthy resource.
  4. Craft a Compelling USP: Develop a unique selling proposition that resonates with your target audience, emphasizing the human touch and personalized service.
  5. Create Personal Connections: Utilize real photos and genuine interactions to build trust and rapport with prospects, leading to a deeper connection and faster conversions.


Intelisys’ remarkable journey demonstrates the transformative power of a mission-driven approach and unwavering commitment to customer success. By focusing on inbound marketing, nurturing a strong community, and delivering exceptional service, they achieved unprecedented growth, leaving valuable lessons for all entrepreneurs seeking to take their businesses to new heights. So, embrace your mission, leverage the power of community, and let the success story of Intelisys inspire your own path to greatness!

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