Oldie (But Goodie)!! How To Show Appreciation And Create Raving Fan Customers

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I’m pregnant…at least I WAS in this video…AND I was dressed like a Pilgrim for Thanksgiving. Seriously, this is an oldie but goodie video I shot 3 years ago when preggers with my (now) 2-year old Emily.

The opening is FUNNY, and the end is an AMAZING video from one of our BEST Boot Camp speakers, Mark Sanborn, on customer service. Mark is the author of the book, “The Fred Factor.” One of the things we all want as business owners is not only more customers, but better quality customers…ones that appreciate us, see value in what we do and who are champions for us in the marketplace referring more clients and telling others about us. But the reality is, great customers aren’t just walking around…truth is, they need to be cultivated.

A few years ago at my annual Boot Camp, I had Mark Sanborn speak. Mark is the author of the Fred Factor which is a phenomenal book on how really exceptional customer service is done…and I thought I would post it here for YOU to watch and share with your team to re-inspire you and them to take your customer service to the next level…it’s a really good video and I’m sure you’re going to get LOTS of great ideas.