How To Become A Celebrity IT Consultant In Your Area

Robin Robins IT Marketing, Technology Marketing

Below is an outstanding marketing strategy being implemented by Producers Club Member and former Genius of the Month Pam Viveiros, co-owner of ThinkTech Computers. Pam has secured an AM radio spot as the fresh new “Kim Komando,” answering technology-related questions, and has set up a Facebook fan page with links back to the radio station for content, positioning herself as a celebrity expert on the topic of IT.

If you’re a competitor, you better step up your game; after all, who do you think business owners will want to buy their IT services from? Joe-Blow nobody who owns an IT consulting company or the Tech Angel who has her own radio show, has appeared on TV as a guest expert, has published her own book and does multiple seminars and public appearances on IT for businesses?

Using this type of marketing to become slightly famous is one of the most powerful ways to keep your funnel full while making it easier to charge premium rates. Other ways to become slightly famous include publishing your own book, writing articles, public speaking or hosting a TV or radio show.