Beyond The Comfort Zone: How Aggressive Marketing Can Fuel MSP Growth

Robin RobinsMSP Marketing

In the world of MSP marketing, the debate over the aggressiveness of strategies is ever-present. Some view assertive follow-ups and outreach as necessary for survival, while others deem them overly intrusive. I’ve found myself at the heart of this debate, reflecting on a critic’s feedback about our marketing tactics being “too aggressive.” This critique prompted me to dive deeper into what we define as aggressive marketing and why, in the quest for exceptional growth, a bold approach may not just be beneficial but essential.

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The Nature Of Aggressiveness In Marketing

At the outset, it’s crucial to understand that “aggressive” is, by and large, a subjective term. For instance, when I advocate for making at least five follow-up calls and ten emails to every lead, opinions split. While some see this as unwarranted pressure, others, perhaps those more accustomed to high-stakes sales environments, might even consider it tame.

This variance in perception underscores a fundamental truth: aggressiveness is in the eye of the beholder. And the beholder’s viewpoint is significantly shaped by their ambitions and achievements. To put it plainly, a startup striving for exponential growth will naturally align with more assertive tactics than a lifestyle business content with maintaining its current scale.

Expertise Over Opinion

During a pivotal moment in my journey, I sought the expertise of Jordan Belfort, famously known as the Wolf of Wall Street. Despite his controversial past, Belfort’s unparalleled acumen in building a formidable sales machine is undeniable. His counsel? Our processes could push even harder. This advice, coming from a titan of sales, carried more weight than the cautionary tales of modestly successful business owners. It served as a stark reminder that the path to extraordinary success is often paved with bold decisions.

Striking The Right Balance

Indeed, aggressive marketing can sometimes backfire, alienating potential clients rather than drawing them in. Yet, in our experience, while a minority voiced their discomfort with our approach, it was this very assertiveness that propelled our campaigns to generate over $10 million in recurring revenue. This outcome speaks volumes, suggesting that a finely tuned aggressive strategy, far from being a deterrent, can significantly amplify results.

The 80/20 Rule In Business Advice

The Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule, posits that a minority of efforts produce the majority of results. This principle is a beacon for business strategy, illuminating the path less traveled that leads to outstanding success. When digesting feedback and advice, it’s imperative to consider the source. Is the advice coming from the vast majority who settle within the comfort zone of modest achievements? Or is it from the rare few who have transcended the average, those whose ambitious actions align with the outcomes you desire?

Aspirations And Achievements

Within the MSP industry and beyond, reaching significant revenue milestones is no small feat. Statistics reveal that a minuscule fraction of businesses ever surpass the coveted $10 million mark in revenue. This stark reality underscores the importance of distinguishing between the counsel of those who’ve reached such heights and the broader chorus of voices content with lesser achievements.

As we navigate the complex terrain of business growth, we’re faced with a fundamental choice: to follow the trodden path of the majority or to carve our own, guided by the audacious spirit of the few. For those of us aiming for the stars, whether it’s reaching $50 million or daring for $100 million, timidity offers little fuel. Our ambitions demand actions that match in intensity and purpose.


Don’t be deterred by the label of “too aggressive.” Instead, let us see it as a badge of honor, a testament to our commitment to not just exist but to excel in an ever-competitive landscape. Remember, in the pursuit of greatness, it’s not just what you do but how fervently you do it that sets you apart. Embrace the aggressive pursuit of your goals.

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