An Easy Way To Bring Value To Your Clients While Staying Top Of Mind

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Below is an e-mail I received from long-standing Apprentice Member, Bennett Tavar. Whenever there is a new virus, scam or phishing e-mail that is taking hold, Bennett sends out a “LBS Security Alert” e-mail like the one below. As you can see this is just a simple, text e-mail alerting me (and his clients of course) to the new threat. He’s not sending them EVERY time a new virus appears—that would be a daily job—but only when there is a big enough threat that is taking hold and spreading fast online.  I’ll bet this e-mail took all of 5 minutes to create and send, yet this alone has more value than 99% of the junk newsletters I get with boring, off-target content. If you want a simple and easy way to stay in touch with clients, you’re looking at it. I would suggest that you add on two things:

1. Encourage the people to send this to their friends and staff to make sure they are aware as well, and…

2.  Mention that “as a <<name of managed services>> client, we’re monitoring your network for suspicious activity. However, if you aren’t a <<name of managed services >> member, simply reply to this e-mail for more information on how we can monitor and maintain your network’s safety against these types of threats.”

Additionally, this COULD be a weekly e-mail alert that summarizes any new scams online that could be a potential threat to your clients. Plus, with all the scams, viruses and cyber criminals cropping up, this could be an EASY way to “appropriately touch” your clients (thanks, Peter).

Great email Bennett!

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