Adam Spencer’s 67-Second Plan To Go From Struggling To Profitable In 3 Steps 

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(Part 2: The 67 Second Plan To Go From Struggling To Profitable In 3 Steps)

Robin: What are some of the early-stage marketing you did to get more revenue and more clients? 

In my last blog, we talked about how Adam Spencer, CEO of 911 IT, converted ALL his break-fix customers to managed service clients. Today, Adam gives his 3-step 67-second plan to closing more managed service clients in his words.

1. Convert Clients From Break-Fix To Managed Services

Early on, we had zero marketing and did not have a clue on how to market. Converting clients was our very first marketing effort. Once we did that, then we were no longer struggling to pay bills and had all our money at the first of every month. That was when things got much simpler.

2. Sell Anything And Everything To Existing Clients

Our next step was finding what other low-hanging fruit can we get, and the low-hanging fruit was what else can we sell our clients? Can we sell them phone systems? Can we sell them email hosting? And then when we had sold them everything we could think of, that is when we shifted our focus to getting new clients.

3. Pick A Niche And Market To Them To Get NEW Clients

That is when we had to decide what type of client we like. We know we like working with CPAs because we’ve got several CPA clients and they are great. We made the decision to narrow in on CPA firms we started out sending 25 letters a week. It was the Aspirin letter at the time. Doing those three follow-up phone calls, getting those appointments…and we started getting customers.

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