A Special Memorial Day Video On What It Takes To Be A True Leader And Entrepreneur

Robin Robins Entrepreneurship

Lessons From A United States Army Ranger Who Survived The Battle Of Mogadishu

This is a vintage video from our 2009 Boot Camp of Keni Thomas, a country music singer and former United States Army Ranger. Keni survived the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia and tells an amazing story of heroism, commitment, leadership and courage that will certainly inspire you.

The recording is rough and grainy, the audio isn’t the greatest and it starts out slow; but the message is POWERFUL, especially in light of the recent tragedy in Oklahoma and Memorial Day. I encourage you to watch it and share it with your team, your clients and your friends. And if you find it inspires you, please donate to the Hero Fund: http://www.herofund.com/mission.html

God Bless Our Heroes!