7 Fool-Proof Ways To Easily Build A List For MSPs 

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In the spirit of Throwback Thursday (#TBT), we thought we’d re-release a video from SEVERAL years ago because the 7 strategies I walk you through in it video are as useful today as they were when it was created. The entire training is below but first, let’s go through some basics.

How To Get Started

The first step is to open an empty spreadsheet. Eventually, you’ll want to stop using a spreadsheet and get the list into your CRM or PSA software, but the easiest way to start is with a spreadsheet so you can organize it easily and THEN import it into your CRM. Remember, perfection is the enemy of progress.

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The spreadsheet should have the following fields at a minimum. Feel free to add more fields if you feel it will be helpful in organizing your list and segmenting your list for marketing campaigns. If you’re missing information on a particular record (like a cell phone number), just input what you have and skip the rest. You can add to it later:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company
  • Title
  • Mailing address (full information)
  • Phone and extension
  • Cell phone
  • Source (Where did this name come from? A referral? Seminar? LinkedIn connection?)
  • Status or record type: (Client/Prospect/Farm List/etc.)

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Building Your List

Next, start adding people to the spreadsheet from the following sources:

1. ALL Clients

Input all clients, current and past. Pull them from QuickBooks, your CRM, PSA, etc.

2. Unconverted Leads

Locate all the people who have ever entered your sales funnel. These might be scattered around a bit, so don’t forget to look here:

  • Proposal folder on your server or in the software you use to create a proposal.
  • Your inbox (sent items, Outlook calendar)Meeting agenda folder (created prior to completing a network audit)Companies that attended a webinar or seminar
  • The lead tracking spreadsheet you used a few times, then abandoned

3. Business Cards

Look around your office, your car and your house. Find those stacks of abandoned business cards left over from a trade show or a Chamber mixer that you never followed up on. Those business cards are a gold mine of opportunity just waiting for you to capitalize on them! Add them to the list.

4. Vendors

Add every vendor you do business with. Include, at a minimum, your local vendors and your attorney, CPA, insurance rep, ISP, etc.

5. Social Connections

Add every businessperson you know from church, your BNI group, the local Chamber and any other social groups you are a part of. Don’t forget to add the President of the Chamber, the leader of the BNI group and other leaders in your community.

6. LinkedIn

Log in to LinkedIn and:

  • Download your Connections’ contact information, which will include their phone and e-mail address IF the person has posted it and allowed for it to be shared (that’s a setting each user controls).
  • Connect with your CURRENT clients, as well as your unconverted leads and prospects. If they connect with you, you’ll have their contact information IF they provided it on LinkedIn.
  • Use LinkedIn’s search tool in Sales Navigator to locate and connect with potential prospects to build your list.

7. 10 Around Drop

I suspect you have at least 10 customers. Drop off 10 canvassing bags near each of those customers. That is an instant list of 100 names!

Congratulations! You now have a list. It really was as simple as thinking it through and carving out a few minutes to get this done. You should have a list of over 100 names. This is HUGE. Not only can you crank out your newsletter every single month, but you now have a list for future marketing campaigns. Way to go!

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