Before You Outsource Your Marketing, Consider These 6 Tips

Robin Robins MSP Marketing

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I recently saw a website selling marketing services to MSPs that offered to “send out blurbs several times a week” via your company’s social media pages. Another offered to do “e-mail blasts” to your list.

It got me thinking … is that really how you think of essential communications to your clients and prospects who you are trying to build trust with, gain an audience with and (ultimately) get money from? In blurbs and blasts?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly how many see marketing: an unsavory “time-consuming” task they want to shove off their plate and abdicate to someone else.

NOT with the intention of making it really work, not to further their position of authority, not to really connect, but simply to check off the box that it’s being done.

Marketing? Who has time for THAT?

Just get so-and-so to send out some “blurbs” a couple times a week on your Facebook page. That should take care of it! Is it any wonder so many struggle to get it to work?

I firmly believe that marketing and selling your company are not things you can ABDICATE to a third- party company.

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Can you outsource pieces?

YES, but only if you’re heavily involved with the communications and strategy. The list of MSPs who have tried to outsource telemarketing with little success to outright having to do damage control with the people called is LONG. If they were going to outsource, then fine, but it should NOT have been abdicated.

As an example, here’s a short list of what I’d do if you’re outsourcing the telemarketing:

  1. Create a strategy and script for the callers to follow,
  2. Send out some type of offer – direct mail, e-mail, LinkedIn, etc. – that gives them a starting point and reason to call,
  3. TRAIN the sales reps making the calls direct,
  4. CHECK for compliance with scripts by asking for the recording of random calls made,
  5. Demand call reports that detail dials, connections made, voicemails left, call outcomes, etc., to know if the calls are actually being made and to manage by the numbers,
  6. Seed the list with your cell phone number and/or the phone numbers of a few people who will play prospect to verify the callers are doing what they are supposed to be doing. This is why you might as well just hire and bring it in-house. You’re going to have to manage the callers and process either way, might as well do it yourself.

Another question: is sending something better than sending nothing?

Absolutely, unequivocally NO. Bad marketing consisting of thoughtless, off-target, boring “blurbs” can HURT your relationship with your list and act as sales prevention. People will opt out and stop paying attention. They may misunderstand who you are and what you do and write you off, never to do business with you again.

Bad marketing lowers click-thru rates, decreasing the placement/display of your ads and increasing your cost per lead. Bottom line: You must be thoughtful and strategic in your communications.

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