3 Ways To Maximize Your Webinar ROI

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Question: What is the best timeline for promoting a webinar?

Robin: We don’t typically start promoting webinars until about five days before and it is mostly digital because if you promote it sooner, you’ll get registrations but show up rate is low because people register and then they forget and they don’t show up. Now you can always do a mailing with a QR code with a CTA to go enroll, get instant access to, call it a digital workshop or a virtual event, something like that. Have digital marketing, email, and social media going, then you can even do some calls and stuff like that.

Longer virtual events where it’s a half day, like we did with MSP Launch Academy, we will start promoting a couple of weeks out because it’s literally a three, four-hour time block.

To summarize, if it is a 60–90-minute webinar, start promoting about 5 days prior. If webinar is 2 hours or more, start promoting a couple of weeks prior. Now, let’s talk about how you get content (and keep using it) to maximize webinar ROI.

3 Ways To Maximize Your Webinar ROI:

1: Ask Email

You basically email your clients and ask; Can I ask you for a favor? This is on the subject line and explain you are trying to create a series of webinars for your clients that they’ll find interesting. Then, ask if they could reply back and tell you what topics they would like to learn about on a webinar, and so go to your clients and pull your clients and find out what they want to learn about.

2: Make It C Level

You want to make sure that the title is something a CEO is going to want to attend. When I talk to members, many are doing webinars, but they aren’t having any success. The members that are having success are talking about topics that CEOs want to hear about.

Example: What your insurance company is not telling you about their coverage for cyber events. Make it all about cyber events and how if you have insurance for liability, cyber liability or crime insurance and you think it’s going to cover you during a ransomware event, or downtime, or employee sabotage or any of these other things, think again.

You can discuss topics such as how employees are going to sabotage your business, even the good ones. You have to think of it more from their perspective. You don’t want to just keep hammering cyber protections you got to have in place now, although that still works, you need a slightly different angle because if they feel like they got a good IT company and they are protected, they will think they are fine and not want to go to the webinar. There is some navigating that needs to happen with your audience to find out what really does appeal to them.

3. Create An Evergreen Campaign

It doesn’t have to just be a live webinar. You can put it on-demand, and you can make it evergreen. Technology Marketing Toolkit CMO, Mike Stodola, has done sessions for Producers Club members, and he talked about how to put a webinar on evergreen and then you can use it over and over again, then it’s not time bound. You are literally using a good webinar to create an evergreen campaign that you can keep using.

Members can access my CMO Mike Stodola’s session: How To Turn A Good Webinar Into An Evergreen Lead Generator here.

To maximize your webinar ROI, promote with an effective timeline and make sure your topic is C Level to attract decision makers. Then, follow up!

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