Cyber Security Sales & Marketing Toolkit

A Complete “Marketing Department In A Box” Chock Full Of Templates, Tools, Campaigns, Reports, And Proven How-To Guides For Selling Cyber Security Solutions, Backups And Managed IT Services Contracts

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Technology Marketing Toolkit | Robin Robins

What You'll Get With This Program:

Get Off The Fence And Do It! It’s Worth It

Whether you are just starting out in this industry or further along with your business or career, either group can walk away with wonderful lessons from Robin Robins Cyber Security Marketing. She provided easy to follow marketing plans along with tools that are the best in the industry and used by many MSPs out there. If you are wanting to be shown how to grow your MSP or even if you have a refined process down and want to confirm you are doing all the right things… THIS is for YOU!


Keith Carrizosa,
Azure Horizons

Plus A Series Of Free Bonus Materials, Including:

How To Package, Price And Profit From Selling ADVANCED Cyber Security Solutions

In this session, you’ll learn what services and solutions other MSPs are bundling into their managed cyber security solutions, how they are pricing them and selling them to new and existing clients.

A New Tool That Will Cause Even The Most Stubborn Clients To Buy Cyber Security Solutions And Managed Services

If you ever have to deal with clients or prospects who STUBBORNLY refuse to invest in cyber security solutions because “they’re too small” or because they think, “That won’t happen to me,” then you’ll LOVE this new tool. We are hearing dozens of MSPs who are closing BIG deals using this to demonstrate how they ARE at risk.

How One Member Closed $11,500 In NEW Cyber Security MRR In Under 90 Days

This quick, 20-minute presentation will give you a proven, easy-to-follow process for finding and closing NEW managed services clients fast. This will be particularly relevant for MSPs who struggle to overcome the “We’re fine,” or “We already have an IT guy” sales objection.

The Dark Web Explained

During this video training, ID Agent explains what the Dark Web is, why you need to know about it and how you can help protect your clients from the dangers it brings. Not being well educated in this information can put both you and your clients at great risk.

The 2018 MSP Cyber Security Solutions Survey

Discover how the demand for cyber security solutions is changing how MSPs sell, package and deliver IT support to their clients. This survey was taken voluntarily by our clients and prospects, who are predominantly MSPs selling IT services and solutions to the SMB marketplace (10-100 computer users). Over 713 took the survey, but 11% said they WERE NOT currently selling cyber security solutions. Those respondents were filtered out of these results to provide the best possible answers to the questions asked.

How To Conduct A Security Assessment To Close New Prospects

This bonus video reveals the assessment tool you can use to help your clients understand the importance of security solutions and give them a real-time perspective on just how at risk they truly are.

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I want to get my hands on a complete "Marketing Department In A Box", chock full of templates, tools, campaigns, reports, and proven how-to guides for selling cyber security solutions, backups and managed IT services contracts, plus these FREE bonuses:

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