How Can My MSP Get Better Social Media Presence?

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Robin Robins: What is the goal for you? Is it to have your MSP get better social media presence or to get more clients and sales?

What I’m trying to get you to understand is that when you’re running a business, you’ve got to number one: Remember what you’re in business for (and you’re in business to make money) and you’ve got to get customers in the door. Getting your MSP social media presence is not going to do that in the most direct fashion.

Member: More clients and sales, AND more presence on social media.

Robin Robins: If you were making $5 million dollars a year, but had no presence on social media, would you be happy with that?

Member: Yea, I would be…

Q: Now, the question then is: Is social media the best way for MSPs to get customers in the door?

Maybe it is. It depends, though. For example, have you really worked out your referral relationships? Have you gone to your customers? Have you really built a system, a good system, and a process where you’re getting clients to refer?

If not, I would be starting there and putting my money and effort there. I would be putting my money into referral marketing and I would be putting my effort into JV partnerships before I would be spending any money or resources on posting on Facebook.

I’m just telling you, if I was running an I.T. firm and I’m targeting consumers, then social media becomes a little more relevant. But I’m telling you that if you go back to the marketing roadmap and you look at the things that I’ve said, where I say, “Do this, then do this, then do this.” See, that’s kind of where you’ve got to say, “Okay, here are the things I want to get done.” And then you start finding people and resources to help you do that.

And somewhere in that, again, I’m not down on social media, I’m not because we use it and it does work…but I’m just saying that I’m trying to focus your thoughts on performance and results, not just, “Hey, I got a guy and he can only work part-time. And so I’m trying to shoehorn him into some kind of position where I can have somebody doing something”, and feel good about checking a box because you’re confusing activity with accomplishment. Because accomplishment is, let’s get a customer in the door. Don’t worry about how your MSP can have better social media presence until you’ve done all the other more effective things to get leads and clients.

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