How To Earn Big $$$ While Helping Other IT Business Owners Succeed

Refer Your IT Peers And Favorite Vendors To Us And Earn $300 For The Referral, $1,000 If They Become A Client!

Who’s A Good Referral For Us?

1. The owner/CEO of an MSP, VAR or IT services firm
2. A vendor that is interested in sponsoring our events to find more clients like you (other MSPs, VARs and IT services firms) and/or wants help in getting marketing coaching, templates and plans for their partners.

Why Refer Someone To Us?

Like you, we work hard to deliver top-level service and life-changing value to EARN referrals from happy clients. If we have delivered that to you, then one of the best ways to show your appreciation is to refer one or more new clients to us. Here are three additional reasons you would want to refer someone to us (in addition to the cash reward!).

  • Our program is truly life-changing for many, and your referral could help another person to finally figure out how to get out of debt, overcome financial hardships, grow a stronger, more successful business and give them the financial means to take care of their family.
  • We’ll give the person you refer a private, one-on-one consultation with a Program Consultant to discuss their unique situation and if/how we can help them. As part of that free consultation, we’ll also give them our MSP And IT Business Owner’s Guide To Marketing, Lead Generation And IT Services Sales Success, our Marketing Roadmap for IT services and several other resources they will find very valuable – all FREE – even if they choose not to become a client.
  • Since they were referred by you, we’ll give them a $500 discount toward the Toolkit or Toolkit + Rapid Implementation Workshop.
  • If you refer a favorite vendor, we can give them a FREE listing on our vendor directory and share with them key insights into how to get more clients just like you!

Where Can You Find People To Refer?

  • Other peer groups you are a member of (ASCII, IT Nation Evolve and vendor user groups, etc.).
  • Facebook groups, online forums or chat rooms you frequent with your IT peers.
  • MSP and IT industry events you will be attending.

How To Refer Someone To Us

  • Option #1: Submit them online at
  • Option #2: Send the person you’re referring an e-mail introducing us (example below for a peer) and cc Missy Vega on my team at

    “Hey [Name], I wanted to let you know about a company that has helped me [fill in with how we’ve helped you] that I would recommend you check out as well. The company is Technology Marketing Toolkit, but you might be more familiar with the CEO and founder, Robin Robins. They specialize in working with IT firms like us who want to implement a working marketing plan – and the results they produce for their clients are nothing short of amazing.

    I’m copying Missy Vega, who is the Client Coordinator at Technology Marketing Toolkit. She can tell you more about what they do, send you their Ultimate Guide To IT Services Marketing and schedule a private consultation with a Program Consultant.

    I strongly recommend you look into this. I’ve been a client and they’ve truly helped me – and since I’m referring you, they’ll give you a “friend” discount should you decide to enroll. Make sure you ask about it. Thanks, [Your Name]

  • Option #3: Call Missy to discuss how to make an introduction to an individual or a favorite vendor you do business with who wants to get more clients like you: 615-790-5011.

To Summarize:

  • You’ll get $300 if your referral books and sits an appointment with one of our Program Consultants, even if they don’t buy. This is for an MSP you refer or a favorite vendor.
  • If your referral becomes a client, we’ll up the reward to $1,000 (not just $300).
  • The one-on-one Marketing Consultation is FREE, and we guarantee your referral will receive value even if they decide we’re not a right fit for them. And if they do choose to become a client, our Toolkit is backed with a 100%, no-small-print money-back guarantee so you can feel confident in referring us to your peers.
  • If you have a favorite vendor that wants to reach more people like you, refer them over as well! At the very least, we can give them a FREE listing on our vendor directory.
  • IMPORTANT: If we have not earned your trust and confidence to refer someone, we want to know that too! Please send our client concierge, Debi Bush, an e-mail ( and let us know how we need to improve and better serve you.

Thank You For Referring Us!