What Our Clients In The United Kingdom Have To Say

What Our Clients In The United Kingdom Have To Say

The Way US MSPs Market And Sell Services Is Way Ahead Of What’s Being Done Here

In terms of the marketing/sales process… that is not a doubt. The way US MSPs market and sell services is way ahead of anything being done over here, and we’re wanting to become more like the US market; not least because of the fees US companies can charge compared to over here.

Robin’s copy writing is fantastic, and very compelling… We tweak the campaigns to a Scottish/British/European style, and while it still forces us to step out of our comfort zone slightly, we know that’s what will drive our results.

Mark Riddell

m3 Networks

I Was Gob Smacked That Robin’s Program Added £3,803 per month In MRR In A Competitive London Market

I connected with one of Robin’s clients who told me about a special Technology Marketing Toolkit program that “transformed her business to the point it was unrecognisable.” That was the final push I needed, and I signed up for Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. While at this two-day, hands-on workshop, I used their template to send out a few cross-sell emails. This simple task resulted in five clients interested in our phone systems, and THREE turned into £650 per month in monthly recurring revenue. Plus one client upgraded to a £460 per month contract!

As part of the workshop initiatives, I also booked all of our top clients for quarterly business reviews. From five QBRs, we brought in an extra £3,153 per month and a further £670 per month from a referral due to one of the QBRs. Since Rapid, we have added £3,803 per month in MRR, which is £45,636 per annum! The information supplied and the mindset shift have enabled me to take myself and my company a big step forward in gaining more business specifically through QBRs. It has raised my game in all areas.”

Adam Abrahami

H20 Networks

A Leap Of Faith Across The Pond Is Making Me The Marketing Expert I Always Wanted To Be

A leap of faith during a difficult time, both personally and professionally, led me across the pond to the Rapid Implementation Workshop. I had reached a point of desperation and knew I had to do something because my business, my team and my family were counting on me.

By applying the principles and actions mapped out in this program, I was able to build momentum. Slowly, I moved from a paralyzed state into a focused state where I ultimately achieved far more than I thought was possible.

One simple campaign brought us over 30 qualified testimonials of very happy customers and a competitive advantage for us to win new business. I have conducted QBRs with ease and moved 90% of our clients to our new Cyber Security Plan, 25 clients to our Comprehensive Plan (increasing turnover by £750 per month) and five clients to our Hybrid Model (increasing turnover by £9,205 per month).

Thanks to Robin and the Rapid Implementation Workshop, I am now laser-focused on marketing, sales and customer acquisition. Small shifts in my thinking have helped me stay 10 steps ahead of my competition and are making me the marketing expert I always wanted to be.

Steven John

Sagari Ltd.

Even In A Pandemic “Shutdown” Environment And Down Economy In England, We Added £209k In New Revenue This Year!

I always said, “This American marketing wouldn’t work in the UK.” How WRONG I was! By using Robin Robins’ sales and marketing strategies, we have DOUBLED our monthly recurring revenue by adding £7k in new MRR and added £4k in project work and £121k in hardware sales. That’s £209k of additional revenue this year while watching our core client base “shutdown” overnight!

Mark Cronin

MSC IT Solutions

Important! Please do NOT assume that by sharing these client success stories with you we are guaranteeing or even implying that you will get the same results in your business by enrolling in our programs and buying our services. NO ONE can guarantee you results; after all, how can we (or anyone else) possibly make that promise if we don’t even know you or anything about your business? The testimonials provided below were given to us by successful clients and are simply their personal expressions of their experience of working with us. Not every client gets these results. YOUR results are dependent on a number of factors that are completely outside our control, including your work ethic, ability to implement properly, your relationship with your clients, your reputation, pricing structure, competition and about 100 other factors. You should also know that our programs and methods are NOT “easy” or simple. BEING SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE IN BUSINESS IS HARD WORK, which is what we’re all about. If you are looking for a simple and easy route — rather than putting in the necessary hard work — please find another company to work with.