What Our Clients In Australia Have To Say

What Our Clients In Australia Have To Say

Marketing Is Now Getting Done With Less Effort, Plus I Generated $32K In New Sales

Over the last few years, my marketing has been very limited. Why? Because I had to do ALL the work myself. When marketing rested completely on my shoulders, it competed with my other responsibilities and rarely got done.

The completion of Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop has resulted in structural changes in my business, specifically building the capacity to deliver marketing without involving so much of my time. As a result of the workshop program, my marketing has been kick-started again in the last 90 days. My biggest win in these 12 short weeks: running a business and technology joint venture where I closed $32,000 in sales using Robin’s e-mail campaign and follow-up calls!

Stephen Swavley


I Finally Got Out Of Overwhelm And Have Locked In Over $200,000 In New Revenue

Going to the Rapid Implementation Workshop really helped me understand how to start with simple tasks, break things down into small pieces that are manageable and totally reduced the feeling of being overwhelmed. I’ve gone from spending a few hours here and there on marketing activities in a relatively unstructured manner, to almost half my day, every day. I’m delegating a lot more work to my support team, and know that my time is being spent a lot more effectively. I’m thrilled to report we’ve added an average of $5,700 in new MRR and $205,228 in confirmed revenue – plus the potential for an additional $840,000 Wi-Fi deployment revenue. After 3 months, I’m struggling to think where I would be, and what my focus would be on if I hadn’t joined this program.

Liam O’Keeffe

Silicon Systems Limited

We Finally Broke The Million-Dollar Mark In Revenue!

We started the year at $894,154 in revenue and a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $16,415. Our goal for the year: to finally bring in ONE MILLION DOLLARS in revenue! In July, we signed up for Robin’s Infusionsoft program. We are now communicating with our customer list more than ever before, and we have sat 50% more quarterly business reviews than our previous best!

Through Robin’s sales strategies, we recently converted a long-term break-fix client to managed services, which results in $12,169 in MRR – that’s $146,028 a YEAR! That contract, along with numerous marketing wins, enabled us to finally break that coveted $1 MILLION mark – $1,053,486 to be precise. Even better, we increased net profit by 24% and saw a massive increase of 112% in MRR! There is no doubt that without the continued support of Robin and the team at Technology Marketing Toolkit, DSP Electronics would not be in the position it is today.

Damien Pepper

DSP Electronics

Shocked And Skeptical From The Beginning, Would Robin’s Stuff Even Work For Me?

Shocked and skeptical. Those were my initial reactions about Robin’s marketing program. Shocked at the price. Skeptical that her cheesy looking marketing materials could even work in my New Zealand market.

Back then, it was just me. I had tried several marketing programs before, but each one failed miserably. How was this one different? How was this one going to transform my business.

One thing that Robin said to me initially, “Clients you win on price will leave you on price.” That one statement perfectly summed up my business. Low-value, low-quality clients. Robin gave me the direction and the confidence to raise my prices, and once I did, something magical happened. The problematic clients left while my best clients stayed by my side.

Robin’s marketing and accountability have helped me grow from a one-man band to a successful 12-person IT business! If you’re not currently growing, you have nothing to lose by trying Robin’s program.

Vijay Nyayapati

Partner at Redbrick Technology

Important! Please do NOT assume that by sharing these client success stories with you we are guaranteeing or even implying that you will get the same results in your business by enrolling in our programs and buying our services. NO ONE can guarantee you results; after all, how can we (or anyone else) possibly make that promise if we don’t even know you or anything about your business? The testimonials provided below were given to us by successful clients and are simply their personal expressions of their experience of working with us. Not every client gets these results. YOUR results are dependent on a number of factors that are completely outside our control, including your work ethic, ability to implement properly, your relationship with your clients, your reputation, pricing structure, competition and about 100 other factors. You should also know that our programs and methods are NOT “easy” or simple. BEING SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE IN BUSINESS IS HARD WORK, which is what we’re all about. If you are looking for a simple and easy route — rather than putting in the necessary hard work — please find another company to work with.