What Our Clients In Canada Have To Say

What Our Clients In Canada Have To Say

My Wife Wasn’t Quite Onboard Robin’s Marketing Train – ‘Why Are You Wasting Money On This Gimmicky Crap?’ That Is, Until I Grew My Business By 50% In One Year

My lovely wife expressed a little concern when I signed up for Robin’s Toolkit: ‘Why are you wasting money on that crap? You need to get more clients, not waste your time and money on gimmicky stuff like that!’ Still, I persisted despite my wife’s objections because I knew the only person who could make me successful was myself, and to accomplish that I needed to create a marketing and sales engine.

I started this journey as a one-man IT shop. To keep up with the new projects and clients, I now have a part-time tech who will soon become full-time. As of August of this year, I have already made more revenue than I did ALL of last year! And there is still Q4 to come! I expect to close this year with a 50% increase in revenue. Now my wife realizes how Robin’s proven sales and marketing strategies can transform a one-man IT shop into a successful MSP!

Lee Darke


A Simple Shift In Mindset Empowered Me To Achieve More Marketing, More Sales And $4,100 (So Far) In Monthly Recurring Revenue!

With my new mindset shift that cleared my head of misconceptions and empowered me to be ambitious without apology, we’ve begun to see more sales and more revenue, thanks to Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Our new referral reward campaign brought one new client who added $12,000 in project work and $1,500 in MRR! Plus, we had been courting a prospect for about a year and finally got a sales meeting with them. They were the first prospect who we sent a Shock-And-Awe box to, and IT WORKED! They signed up the day after the sales call, which means $3,000 in project revenue and $2,600 in new MRR!

Karen Barre

Technikel Solutions

Last Year I Finally Broke Free Of Being A One-Man Band, Adding 2 Employees And Increasing Our Net Profit By 256%!

Our business had hit a ceiling of generating just over $200,000 in revenue per year. Once we decided to invest in both the Toolkit and the Managed Services Blueprint we increased our profitability by 256% and added two full-time employees to take some of the workload off of me. Our secret is probably the same secret that most other successful MSPs have discovered: there is no one thing that will allow you to grow. Consistently marketing to our prospects along with being committed to implementing and building upon marketing and business basics, WILL result in success.

Scott Beck


Important! Please do NOT assume that by sharing these client success stories with you we are guaranteeing or even implying that you will get the same results in your business by enrolling in our programs and buying our services. NO ONE can guarantee you results; after all, how can we (or anyone else) possibly make that promise if we don’t even know you or anything about your business? The testimonials provided below were given to us by successful clients and are simply their personal expressions of their experience of working with us. Not every client gets these results. YOUR results are dependent on a number of factors that are completely outside our control, including your work ethic, ability to implement properly, your relationship with your clients, your reputation, pricing structure, competition and about 100 other factors. You should also know that our programs and methods are NOT “easy” or simple. BEING SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE IN BUSINESS IS HARD WORK, which is what we’re all about. If you are looking for a simple and easy route — rather than putting in the necessary hard work — please find another company to work with.