Mastermind Principle Grows Managed IT Services Businesses

Robin Robins Managed Services

“At a time when many are stressed about how they are going to survive, retreating, and freaking out about their financial situation, I’ve been able to personally coach a small group of my managed it services clients to secure an average increase of 209% in bottom line profits, a 45.2% increase in NEW clients and 50.6% increase in managed it services. So what are they doing differently? (Not just from a marketing standpoint – but a philosophy and strategy standpoint?)

You may already have all the same marketing campaigns for managed it services and various tools they have, so it’s not that you are missing something there…it’s all in how they are able to execute, manage their time, their focus and their efforts. These guys use a tried and true method of attracting wealth: The MasterMind principle. They consistently network with other quality managed it service companies and leverage each others’ wins and losses to ALL become better. This is one of the main reasons I offer mastermind groups to my customers…because I truly want them to succeed. And, I know that the only way to grow a managed it services company significantly – or any company for that matter – is to connect with other who are doing exactly that.

So, find a group where you can leverage this “Think & Grow Rich” concept…and watch what happens.

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