When Is It Time To Hire A Marketing Person For My MSP?

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Q: When is it time to hire a marketing person for my MSP?

(Jeff Johnson, CRO, TMT) A: I looked at it when I had my MSP business. I had a marketing admin and it was exactly to the point of what Robin has said, in that I looked at it as “What do I need to get done to be able to accomplish what I’m trying to do?” Which at the time was still probably the same thing as everyone, and that is to book appointments. And how do I accomplish that? And taking what they experience, and using that knowledge.

When I was early on in marketing, I had a part-time 15 to 28-hour-a-week person. And it would force me to come up with and get the marketing out the door just because I had someone coming in on Monday. So Sunday night if I didn’t have it already for them, I didn’t want to call them and say, “Hey, don’t come in.” And I certainly didn’t want to have them come in and be paying for them to sit there and look at me pull stuff together. So it would force me to get my marketing out the door. That was probably the biggest benefit of it, more than the help was just making sure that I actually got stuff done when I was a small MSP. 

The answer to deciding when it’s time to hire a marketing person comes about when you start looking at “What are the things that I need to do, to accomplish what I’m trying to do.”

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