The Secret To Attracting Your #1 Ideal Prospect

Robin Robins MSP Marketing

When you get right down to it, marketing really isn’t that hard. What’s hard is getting out of our own way and setting aside everything WE know so we can think more like our prospects. Stop trying to be cute and clever and just say what you mean to say. Below is a one-page advertisement I found in my swipe file that is several years old, but could be used today. While it is for a chiropractor, there are several things you can (and should) note and study:

1. The prospect we are looking for is flagged in the headline by the problem they are having. This is a simple, brilliant but often forgotten strategy.

2. The entire ad focuses on the situation and pain of the prospect and very little on what the solution itself is. In fact, it’s not until the middle of the ad that the solution is revealed. THIS IS A REALLY IMPORTANT LESSON TO TAKE NOTE OF. I see IT companies making this mistake constantly: focusing on the product or service and what it is before they’ve accurately aligned with the prospect and flagged the prospects they are dealing with.

3. There is urgency created with a great offer for the cervical pillow for the first 10 who respond. Using a free gift like this can really boost response.

4. There is a selling of the “free exam” for only $17.00, as well as a value build. All of you currently using free network audits need to take note of this campaign.

5. There is a free recorded message available for those who are not quite ready to “buy.” Since they are targeting the elderly, I’m sure that’s why a phone number was given versus a web site; but for all of you, I would recommend adding a URL for a free report.

Please note that this can easily be used as the basis for a sales letter, web landing page or even your home page.