How To Develop Leadership Qualities In Your Company

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You do NOT get paid for what you are doing or what you are going to do. You get paid for DONE.

DONE! You get paid for what you get done. The members that succeed can execute.

For example…

Jack Welch wrote an amazing book called Winning. He talks about the four E’s and one P that every leader must have.

  • Have Energy

Now I know what you’re thinking, well I have energy. But do you get up early in the morning every day and get after it? My guess is probably not.

  • Energize Others

Sorry, but it is not all about you. If you are a leader, it is not just about you waking up motivated. It’s about you getting others motivated and interested. So, you have to energize yourself and energize others.

  • Have Edge

Can you make a tough decision? Well, you have to. Sometimes you have to fire someone. Sometimes you have to promote someone over someone else. This will probably be an unhappy situation, but you have to be able to make tough decisions that aren’t so popular in order to grow.

  • Passion

You have to be able to have passion for what you do or else you aren’t going to have any of that. You won’t have energy and you won’t be able to energize others, for sure.

It’s simple people.

Let’s look at Newton’s Law, which states objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion at the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an external force.

Now, apply that to business.

Companies that are stuck tend to STAY stuck. Companies growing at a certain pace tend to stay growing at that pace and in the same direction unless additional “force” is applied. You have to start making changes, growing a sales and marketing department, doing things a bit different.

This is why you NEED consistent execution!

Consistent Execution

Marketing, prospecting, and selling need to be in PERPETUAL motion, NOT start-stop, start-stop.

Many of you come to me saying, well, I had an appointment setter, but they did not work out, so we had to let them go. Then to find out that happened a YEAR ago? No, you see the time to look for that replacement is while they are still working for you. There are two options here. Either you look for a second one because they are good and you want to add someone else in order to grow, or they are going to flame out and you need the second in order to replace them.

Always be Recruiting.

Don’t expect what you don’t inspect.

It’s not enough to give someone a goal and “get out of their way.” People who say this, don’t want the responsibility.

That’s bullshit.

You need to watch and walk with them to ensure what’s supposed to happen is actually happening. You better be looking at the metrics and numbers. Part of leadership is leading.

This is NOT micromanaging; this is being a true leader. Be involved enough to make sure they aren’t doing something crazy.

Watch the numbers

Numbers are the most honest non-dramatic measurement of what is going on. How many leads? Are they closing? Do they get to an appointment? You have to look at the numbers.

Consistent execution is key to becoming a good quality leader.


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