How This Managed Service Provider Took His Business From $2 Million To $6.5 Million In Less Than 3 Years!

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TMT’s new Spokesperson, David Javaheri, CEO of Direct IT Corp, took his business from $2 million to $6.5 million in less than 3 years, adding $1.3 million in sales last year alone. 

Here he walks us through his “recipe” for increasing success for his MSP.

I have prepared something for those who want to grow their business FAST. I mean, a year or two kind of fast. I don’t mean months. It DOES take time. So I created what I call ‘Cooking By The Book.’ It’s all about sales and marketing. It’s not about support.

There are two types of people in this world, those who are in sales and those who don’t know they’re in sales.

I’ll ask you this question: How many of you have lost a potential client to another company that had better sales and marketing, but you could swear you had better techs and value than them? The reality is that if they have better sales and marketing, they’re going to grab the customer. The customer doesn’t know how good your techs are. Here are the ingredients you need, to start cooking for success.

You need time, money, TMT, a good CRM, an appointment setter, a salesperson, and what I call ‘social media condiments.’ This is all that I went by in the year 2020 that really helped me take my business to new heights.

First of all, you are going to have to find yourself some time.

Time is the biggest ingredient. If you don’t have time, the rest of the ingredients won’t matter. So you absolutely HAVE to create time. Most business owners are not doing this. I delegated 90% of my technical work and joined my sales department full-time. I knew that if I didn’t invest some time into hiring managers and hiring people to do this for me, then I would not succeed. It might feel impossible to do at first, but you have to find a way to get that part done before anything else so that you can free up a little bit of time for yourself to work on other areas of your business. Put someone else in charge of the technical work, and then you can focus on sales and marketing.

The second important ingredient you need is money.

You need it. There is no way around this… I borrowed money, and you don’t need that much, but you are going to need to invest a little. The only way to make money is to invest money at the beginning.

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The next ingredient you need is TMT.

You need all the campaigns and the marketing roadmaps. You are going to want and need their resources, and their seminars. You also will need a really top-notch CRM. I personally picked Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) and I have been extremely satisfied with them. You need a great CRM system so that you can track contact with your prospects, leads, and clients. You also need it to send emails, and to automate communication.

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Following that, you also need your own appointment setter.

You need someone who can make 100 calls a day if you want to go big. It’s 100 calls a day to start. And hiring just one appointment setter can do that. 100 calls for a full-time appointment setter is very achievable. Then you need to be mailing out letters. So that you can get your appointment setter the prospects to be calling out. That’s how you can get your marketing to pick up very quickly. You want to send the letters out so that your appointment setter can call with a reason to be calling. They’ll just explain that they’re following up on a postcard or a letter.

Of course, you will also need a salesperson.

I would recommend the salesperson be YOU. Because most of you as business owners, are very passionate about what you do within your company. Therefore, no one can sell better than you as the business owner can. Especially just to get your selling started, then later down the road you can look into hiring a salesperson. You can then leverage your social media, or ‘social condiments’ as I call them, to build your brand awareness. These are the first few basic steps you need to get started.

David has actionable advice and insights into what it takes to grow FAST, get better QUALITY CLIENTS, and the key marketing SYSTEMS to secure the clients and sales that he did.

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