How Coaching Your Clients Leads To Higher MSP Profits (Pt. 2)

Robin Robins MSP Marketing

higher MSP profits with a client game planWelcome back! Last week we coached your clients how to buy. This week we’re exploring how to develop a relationship with the clients you have to turn them into the clients you want. Read on…

Part 2 of Coach Your Clients How To Buy For Higher MSP Profits: How To Develop Your Clients Into Great Clients

A critical piece to the success of any service firm is to have a productive, profitable and mutually beneficial relationship with its clients – yet how many business owners actually FOCUS on developing that asset?

Can you list the systems and processes you have in place for advancing that agenda? Can you show me the specific things you are sending them, doing for them, to make them behave in a manner that allows you to deliver your best advice?

Most important question: do you have a FRAMEWORK or list of instructions on how to be a good client for your firm?

All too often the motivation to buy the Toolkit is to find “more and better quality clients” because the ones they have are all ungrateful, cheap, dysfunctional a-holes they can barely tolerate. Always gives me a laugh.

I think it’s the same as blaming the school system for your out-of-control kids. Or more to the point, complaining about everyone at a party when you’re the one who invited them!

Perhaps that’s a bit of an unfair analogy, but it’s not off by much. You get the respect you demand – nothing more.

If you find yourself awash with clients who take advantage of you, disrespect you, undervalue and underpay you, that exists entirely because YOU allow it, and are most likely inviting it. Your bank balance has a lot to do with how tolerant and accepting you are of being crapped on.

How To Change Things For Higher MSP Profits – Without Killing Yourself With Bad Clients.

get higher MSP profits by teaching them what to expect from working with you

In the book, Confessions Of An Advertising Man, David Ogilvy has a chapter titled “How To Be A Good Client”

When he wrote the book fifty six years ago, he did it to get more clients and prepare his business to go public, as well as to use it as a positioning piece.

The book accomplished all three objectives. That chapter was very strategically included to teach NEW clients what would be expected of THEM should they become a client of his. That chapter alone makes the book worth reading.

As for a strategy, how about creating a pre-sales and post-sales letter that details “How To Be A Good Client And Get The MOST Value Out Of  Your IT Services Provider”?

In the sales process, you can use it to further detail who you work best with and to differentiate. Post-sale, you could use it as a reminder of THEIR responsibilities in the relationship to make it work.

While teaching clients to be great clients is important, if you want higher MSP profits, first you need plenty of clients!

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