Our BEST Year Ever, Thanks To Scoring 3-Year Contracts Totaling $264,346 From A Single Campaign!

Holly Fullingim Genius of the Month

Holly Fullingim

Holly Fullingim,
Quick Compute, Inc.

Years ago, I was stuck and financially in trouble. Our gross revenue was stagnant and in many years it actually shrank. I just believed I was sitting at the crossroads of my business, and managed services was the way out of the grueling hours that were my reality. But I honestly didn’t even know WHAT managed services was, let alone HOW to implement it!

I was even at a point where I thought sales and marketing were essentially begging and lying. Seriously, I did absolutely nothing to attract and acquire new customers. Someone had to literally fall into my lap and BEG me to let them become my customer. So it only stands to reason that I would run out of existing customers.

In 2016, I received Robin’s letter promoting her new Rapid Implementation Workshop. I was so moved and inspired, I signed up that same day! Here are some results after being in Producers Club in the past 12 months:

  • Security Upgrade Campaign: We implemented Carvir’s Sentinel One product and sent this upgrade offer to our existing MRR clients, including a follow-up phone call and e-mail. 100% of my clients ACCEPTED the upgrade, which added $29,896 in annual recurring revenue!
  • One-On-One QuickBooks Consultations And Training: I use this trust-building strategy to generate accounting consultations for existing clients. This campaign generated a total of $19,600 in gross revenue.
  • Premium Level Offering: I used this strategy to split my managed services offering into three different levels: Basic, Gold and Platinum. Two clients upgraded to my Platinum MSP Level, which generated an additional $93,156 in revenue!
  • Triple Play Strategy: This was our MOST SUCCESSFUL marketing strategy of everything I implemented this year! Step One was asking our clients to complete our Client Success Scorecard. Step Two, we adopted a quarterly business review process that addresses any red flags we find from the client’s scorecard. Step Three, we launched a Business Continuity Solution to our existing clients. All told, our Triple Play Strategy yielded a total in MRR of $220,221 over three years, plus projects and hardware of $44,125, for a total of $264,346 generated by this strategy alone!

As a result of both my Producers Club Accountability Group and my company team, I can honestly say that 2018 has been BETTER than my BEST YEAR EVER! In just that one year, we added $173,107 in gross sales, $95,585 in profit and 33 new clients to our business! Quick Compute isn’t a million-dollar company. YET! But I can tell you that my business is a R.E.A.L. business today. One that can grow because it has a solid foundation.