After Growth Of 28% And 17% The Past 2 Years, Current Gains Were In Hiring, Goal-Setting And Business Processes

David Luft Genius of the Month

David Luft

David Luft,
LDD Consulting, Inc.

Revenues Stable. MRR Stable. Profits Stable.

We’ve been aggressively using Robin’s marketing for three years now. Year one = 28% growth. Year two = 17% growth. This year, we stayed about the same in terms of revenues, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and profits. We really spent this year stabilizing our business and preparing for next year. We personally grew a lot and actually made good progress in strengthening the foundation of LDD Consulting, Inc.

I have honestly never had a good boss or manager. As a result, setting goals and pushing forward when times are hard have always been difficult for me. This year, I HAVE been able to achieve this personal growth, thanks to Robin’s first-class speakers who presented at quarterly functions. I’ve been able to persevere even when we felt like quitting, because Robin constantly puts high-quality entrepreneurs in front of us who are very encouraging and helpful. We have implemented some of their programs and continue to grow personally and professionally with their training materials, which merge nicely with Robin’s marketing.

Our biggest gains this year have been in the form of hiring, goal-setting and focusing on a few key business elements, such as formalizing our processes and creating playbooks. Implementing goal-setting with our techs has been a game-changer, as I can see the positive impact it has on them. Plus, talking with other Producers Club members gave us great insights in how to continue building our business and stabilizing our staffing.

Marketing Campaigns And Strategies Implemented To Help Us Blow Past $1 Million

Of all the solid advice Robin has given, she said one thing this year that has always stuck in my mind: “Sales will resolve all issues.” It’s true. When you ramp up sales, you’re forced to fix operations. With more sales, company morale is high and employees are less likely to quit. This advice has spurred me on to be ready to grow again.

Scoring $5K In MRR With Printed Newsletters

For two years now, even when we were struggling with turnover, we have been religiously sending out our quality printed newsletters on a monthly basis. They go out to prospects on our house list as well as clients and referral partners. As we meet with customers throughout the year, they always mention how much they appreciate our newsletter. They tell us it scares the heck out of them while also keeping them informed of today’s business opportunities and new technologies.

Because our newsletter kept us top of mind, we won a large $5K a month account! We simply did a presentation, got them on our drip campaign and it worked out in our favor.

Gain Credibility And Stand Out With A Book

Our new book, Computers Should Just Work, has been a great marketing tool to gain credibility, impress prospects and also handle objections. It really has helped to set us apart and stand out to prospects. In addition, a book helps you to lower barriers to the close and price resistance while speeding up the sales process.

Shock-And-Awe Presentation And Our New “Robinized” Website

We utilize our online Shock-And-Awe presentation just like the book. Before a sales meeting, we send the prospect our presentation to increase our credibility and authority in their eyes while handling objections and lowering price barriers. Then, when they meet with us, the sales process is much easier and more effective.

We also upgraded to Robin’s proven website. It provides lead tracking, call tracking, visitor tracking as well as alerts to activity for unconverted visitors.

Automating Our Marketing With Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft has been a very powerful tool that has filled the gaps. Today we have all of our form fills on our website sync directly into Infusionsoft. In addition, we have set up automated prospect communication, seamless onboarding, and we are actively communicating security threat alerts to our clients. Plus, we have several drip marketing campaigns running to our house list.

Our five-year BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) is 5 million and a nice retirement so we can spend time with our grandkids. Our goal is to build a business where the employees make a good living and enjoy great benefits while providing top-quality service.