“5 IT Services Marketing Strategies That Transformed My $200K Break/Fix Business To A $1.3 Million MSP”

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Bhavin Mehta

Bhavin Mehta,
Fusion Factor

“If You Build IT, They Will Come.” NOPE!

I started Fusion Factor in 2005 with the mission to help small and medium-sized businesses get a real return on their technology investments. Since we would be dedicated to providing state-of- the-art IT support, phenomenal service and products that allow our clients to get ahead of their competition, I figured we were destined for greatness.

This was my vision (don’t laugh): I thought that simply by opening my IT business, it would grow on its own. AUTOMATICALLY. I truly believed people would find Fusion Factor in the Yellow Pages (it’s under F – I checked). Then the phones would ring off the hook. I envisioned having to turn business away because we couldn’t handle the tidal wave of new customers.

I kept waiting and waiting for that tidal wave. But nothing happened. Not even a small wave or a ripple. Nope, my phone didn’t ring at all. When it did ring, I ran to it like a middle schooler before the big dance. Yet it was always telemarketers selling insurance.

Here are the 5 IT Marketing Strategies That Transformed My $200k Break/Fix Business To A $1.3 Million MSP:

STRATEGY #1: Only a tidal wave of marketing brings a tidal wave of new business.

I Knew I Needed To MAKE My Phone Ring – But How?

I figured I couldn’t be the only one struggling to get business. So I started going to conferences to learn what my peers were doing. In 2007, I attended the SMB Nation in Seattle. After all the sessions ended and I didn’t know where else to go, I wandered into the Technology Marketing Toolkit booth. Robin was the lone salesperson ready to pounce.

But Robin didn’t have to sell me on marketing. Instead she thoroughly answered every question I asked. “Can I confidently grow my business to where I want it to be?” “Absolutely!” “Can I focus on my technical skills and let marketing work in the background?” “You bet!” “How can I start working ON my business instead of IN my business?” “I’ll show you.”

Before meeting Robin at that show, I had already prepared the costs for bringing on a marketing person. For a fraction of the cost, I could do it ALL myself. I bought the Toolkit right then and there!

Robin taught me a valuable lesson that day…

STRATEGY #2: Marketing will not work when you’re 100% devoted to tech.

Hmmmm… Somehow The Toolkit Doesn’t Work Through Osmosis

With the Toolkit in hand, I felt more alive, energized and confident. Yet, instead of cracking it open and taking action right then and there, I did what so many well-intending IT owners do. I fell back into the routine of technical work IN my business.

At that point, I stuck the binder under my pillow and hoped osmosis really worked. I figured I would pull it out on a rainy day. But since I live in San Diego, the rain never showed. I guess I saw it as work. It’s like I wanted the six-pack abs and ripped body WITHOUT dieting and going to the gym. Five years flew by, and I didn’t see any success through osmosis.

So I started paying attention again to Robin’s marketing campaigns. She convinced me to go to her Bootcamp. But I was still stuck in the mind-set of working IN my business and not ON my business. With that broken mind-set, I wondered, “How was I going to LOSE three days by going to Nashville?” Little did I know that I would immediately gain three new clients when I got back!

STRATEGY #3: Work ON your business and not IN your business. Stop the mentality that you’ll save money by fixing a computer problem yourself. Spend time on the more important work: GROWING your business!

Identifying A Massive Black Hole In My Business

Before meeting Robin, Fusion Factor was a small, two-man shop. We were floating around $200K to $300K a year and very proud of that number.

Yet I finally realized that my business model was the biggest black hole in my company. My operations were BROKEN because I had no idea about recurring revenue. At the time, I was thankful for my measly $1,000 in recurring revenue I was bringing in each month.

Back then, I thought of my company like a fax machine or copier repair shop. We were 100% break/fix. Always driving, always fixing, always hoping, waiting and chasing that next small repair. But if I was out – on vacation, sick or just needing a breather – I made little to nothing.

Meanwhile, I knew other IT businesses were selling managed services. We were losing deals to these managed services companies left and right. So I started taking Robin’s advice to first shift MY MIND-SET and, second, to shift MY BUSINESS to managed services. BINGO! Almost immediately, we landed a big fish, and it paid for EVERYTHING regarding TMT plus 5X more!

STRATEGY #4: Believe in it with all your heart. It takes about a year to reverse course and start seriously growing.

The Rapid Implementation Workshop Kick-Started My Marketing

Transforming my business model from break/fix to managed services was like upgrading from a Ford Pinto to a Ferrari. But I was still missing something kind of important: the engine. While I’d had Robin’s Toolkit for over a decade (still waiting for that rainy day in San Diego), I needed the motivation, action and accountability to finally start implementing one marketing campaign after another.

That motivation, action and accountability came in the form of attending both Robin’s IT Sales and Marketing Bootcamp and Rapid Implementation Workshop in 2018. Our participation in the Rapid Implementation Workshop helped us to better analyze our business needs and requirements. That’s also where we learned all the tricks and tips to growing our business, including EOS. We learned about cyber security threats and how we can better protect our clients.

STRATEGY #5: I’d had the Golden Ticket in my possession for over a decade, but never took the time to cash it in. I regret that I didn’t begin implementing marketing for my business until recently. Don’t wait! The sooner you start taking action, the sooner you’ll see the results you want.

A Long, Hard Look In The Mirror

Before we’d even attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop, Robin suggested we discover what our current clients think about us. I was nervous to hear the truth. But we were all completely surprised that 75% of our clients responded VERY positively! Now we are using many testimonials on our company website, direct mail campaigns, in our Shock-And-Awe boxes and more.

Quick Shot E-mails Delivered Quick Shot Results

During the workshop, Robin suggested we run a Quick Shot E-mail Campaign. We sent short and sweet e-mails to our clients with the goal of scheduling 30-minute meetings with them.

We also sent Robin’s 9-Word E-mail to 13 prospects. Out of the five prospects who responded, we landed three appointments resulting in two closed deals worth $100,000 in project revenue and $24,000 in increased MRR annually! Plus, we scheduled two future meetings. We were really encouraged by the outcome!

RELATED: The 9-Word E-mail Campaign is in the Technology Marketing Toolkit if you’re not a Toolkit owner go to www.technologymarketingtoolkit.com/consult for a free marketing consultation to see if the Toolkit is right for you

Narrowing Down Our Target Market

Robin’s team taught us that the biggest mistake most companies make is trying to sell to everyone. Everyone is NOT a demographic. As a small business owner, you need to precisely define who you are selling to!

Ryan advised us to make a target list and focus on a particular niche, such as dentists, pharmacists, contractors, etc. You can choose anyone you want, but it’s best to select a niche you have experience servicing.

We decided to target plastic surgeons in the San Diego area. We made a list of them in Infusionsoft and started running a direct mail campaign. While there are plenty of plastic surgeons in California, we may be the ONLY MSP specifically targeting them.

Multiple Shock-And-Awe Deliverables

We were SOLD on creating Shock-And-Awe deliverables to create spectacular impressions and secure meetings with prospects. After all, we learned that sending a Shock-And-Awe box before a sales meeting resulted in a much higher close rate, allowed us to charge more and still win the business, and enabled us to stand high above our competitors.

Therefore, we built our Shock-And-Awe box to include: a 21-Question Report, Comparison Chart Between Us And Competitors, Testimonial Booklet, 7 Things We Do Better, Hassle- Free IT Support Book, SEO Flyer, DVD and our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

In addition to our box, we have printed 150 folders from Vistaprint that will carry all of the Shock-And-Awe marketing materials. Plus, our Online Shock-And-Awe Presentation delivers an outstanding first impression that can be sent via e-mail.

A Fancy Website Doesn’t Deliver Fancy Leads

We had a fancy website with all the bells and whistles. Sure, it looked like a million bucks, but it barely performed like a hundred bucks. It brought us little to no business because it was missing many of the points that prospects and clients need to see front and center on the home page. Jeff Johnson and Ryan guided us to convert our website to a “Robinized” version that now has a clear focus on who we are and what we offer.

Still Using Excel As Your CRM?

That was us. We were using MailChimp to send e-mails and keeping all of our records in an Excel file. To say it was difficult to manage is an understatement. With the purchase of Infusionsoft, we gathered all of our potential target prospects – more than 500!

In addition to adding Infusionsoft to make our marketing campaigns more efficient and easier to send out, we also added turboDial. With the addition of two new telemarketers, Infusionsoft and turboDial will help increase production, track and manage results, and allow us to follow up faster with new leads.

Our Most Successful Campaign To Date

Among all of the marketing campaigns we’ve tested, our FIRST direct mail campaign has been our most successful by far. Robin’s Aspirin Campaign took a lot of time and effort to bring together, but the results made it all worthwhile.

We sent out 100 pieces to plastic surgeons and 150 to local attorneys. We also included 7 Things We Do Better as well as our testimonial book. Once we delivered these, our telemarketers followed up. This single direct mail campaign brought us 15 leads, 10 appointments and $120,000 in new business.

RELATED: The Aspirin Campaign is in the Technology Marketing Toolkit if you’re not a Toolkit owner go to www.technologymarketingtoolkit.com/consult for a free marketing consultation to see if the Toolkit is right for you

We’ve Come So Far in Such a Short Time

Before Robin, it was just me and one other employee. Today, we have 22 employees and are looking to hire several more! Before Robin, we were 100% break/fix, trading time for money. Today, we are truly an MSP. Before Robin, we had virtually zero recurring income. Today, at the start of every month, we bring in about $61K in recurring revenue. Today, we have a great platform to enhance our marketing ability, strategy and implementation process.