The Power Of Partnerships: 4 Steps To Leverage Promotional Partnerships For Big Gains

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An extremely lazy question I get asked often: “What’s the ONE THING I should do to _______?” The blank is always a complicated, difficult-to-obtain outcome that requires a sophisticated answer, not a simple “hack.” I get it – no one wants “complicated” when easy will do, and the bank doesn’t give you extra credit on your deposits for degree of difficulty in getting the money.

what industry should my msp be targeting

What Industry Should My MSP Be Targeting?

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Most of our MSPs support medical practices and will tell you that medical clients are their high value clients. If you ask them, medical, manufacturing, CPAs, financial services, anything that has regulatory compliance over its head is going to be a good industry because of regulatory compliance that is pressed upon these businesses.

4 Marketing Oil Wells MSPs Should Have On Autopilot

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Every MSP should be striving to consistently grow. We are in the beginning of the year’s growth cycle, and you can’t wait until April for your sales pipeline to start flowing again. Here are 4 marketing oil wells to jump start your marketing and get on autopilot, so you can bring on spring growth as soon as possible and keep …

What is a co-managed service provider?

Leveraging Co-Managed IT Services To Attract New Clients

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I recently was asked how I define co-managed IT services. This is a really great question, because if you can’t define your business, you are in trouble. Q: Robin, how do you define a co-managed service provider? A: Co-managed is where you’re targeting mid-market or enterprise companies that are large enough to have one or more dedicated IT people. When …

One Easy Marketing Hack Any MSP Can Implement Now

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If there is one thing I want to make clear when discussing marketing basics, it is to seed, feed, water, nurture…THEN harvest. Bruce McCully is the CEO of Galactic Advisors, both a client and a vendor. I am going to use a card I received from him as an example of how to implement this one single marketing principle and …

This 1-Minute Call Will Close More Sales And Instantly Reveal If Your Sales Rep’s Pipeline Is Real (OR NOT)

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I’ve often said that if salespeople were half as good at actually selling your company’s services as they are at selling YOU on the B.S. of their pipeline and opportunities that are “just about to close,” they’d ROCK their quota. Alas, most salespeople in this industry are being managed by NON-salespeople (the owner) and therefore find it easy to “sell” …