Is Apple Going Out Of Business?

Robin Robins IT Marketing

Apple, originally Apple Computer Company, recently announced that computer sales accounted for just 10.4% of their revenue in 2020.

In 2000 computers accounted for 86% of Apple’s revenue.

Are they in trouble or going out of business?

Not anytime soon…

Since 2000 their computer sales have increased 400%, but their overall sales have increased by a staggering 3,000%! Can you guess what their number one source of revenue was in 2020?

What was once their main source of revenue is now just one of the thousands of products and services they offer.

Why is this important to you?

Because IT service businesses can (MUST!) do the same thing.

Instead of just trying to get more NEW clients, IT businesses’ quickest way to grow their revenue and profits is to expand what they offer to current clients.

Here’s what Amy and Bria from M3 Networks found…

“Robin’s 90-Day Challenge has represented a SIGNIFICANT period of growth and learning regarding sales and marketing. By implementing client-focused campaigns in this 90-day period, we added $14,631.67 in monthly recurring revenue as well as $105,267.18 in project and hardware sales!”

Hot damn! That’s over 280k in added annual revenue.

And that came from doing the same thing Apple did…focusing on new things to sell your current clients and getting intentional about it!

Is what Amy and Bria experienced normal?

No. When we tallied up the results from hundreds of companies that went through this program, the average annual revenue added in 12 weeks was $219,957.

But that’s still not too shabby. 😉

But where do you start?

What do you offer? How do you go to current clients and past customers and get them to gladly spend thousands of dollars with you a month?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been showing IT service businesses and MSPs how to do for over 19 years, and the first step is to fill out a survey about your business and schedule a free one-on-one marketing roadmap consultation.

You can do that at

The difference between staying where you’re at and getting incredible results all starts there.

P.S. You probably guessed it…iPhones accounted for nearly half of Apple’s revenue in 2020.