3 Reasons Just “Better Marketing” Won’t Make Your MSP Successful

Robin Robins MSP Business Development Leave a Comment

You have to get yourself functionally prepared to handle the workload that marketing is going to give you.

If you’re a larger MSP that has been doing well, then fine tuning your marketing can be a very great thing to do. However, if you’re a smaller MSP, then having better marketing when you aren’t fully prepared for the incoming business because your operations aren’t together. There are other things that need to take priority first and foremost. Here are three items commonly overlooked by business owners, that prevents their MSP from being truly successful.

Reason #1: They’re functionally unprepared to even think about executing marketing campaigns

What we have found to be the problem with why smaller MSPs can’t seem to ramp up their business, is because they’re functionally unprepared to even think about executing marketing campaigns. Much less to be able to handle the opportunities that would come their way from leveling up their marketing. So you have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself, “Could I really handle the extra business right now, once I get it? Can my team handle it?”

Reason #2: They don’t have a cohesive business development plan in place

The second reason just working on your marketing is not the right thing to do, is you first need to have a cohesive business development plan in place. That means NOT just doing more “random acts of marketing”. You’ve got to be extremely strategic and clear on what your business development plan is. I always say, “You have to begin with the end in mind.”

You need to be always building equity, and building strength in your MSP business. Do not just start taking any customers to get a check and pay the rent. Be strategic. You’re going to do the work anyway. You want to look back a year from now and say, “I was smart, not just busy, but I was smart and strategic.”

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Reason #3: They have to get out of their own way

The third area of business before focusing on your marketing plan is you have to get out of your own way. A lot of smaller business owners are emotionally unprepared. They’re constantly over worrying themselves on their pricing, and about how they can’t seem to find people to hire… You have to get out of your own way! There is 100% an emotional component to running your business that you must get in order.

So with your business… is it a sales and marketing problem? Is it a cash flow problem? Is your service offering packaged and priced wrong? Are you short-staffed and unable to afford to hire people who can help you grow?

It’s ALL of the above, which is why it’s so difficult for small MSPs to scale and compete with larger MSPs who simply have more resources (money, staff, experience). That’s why we created MSP Launch Academy. It goes beyond marketing to help you overcome the massive challenges you’ll face as you attempt to grow your managed services business.

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