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Consistency In Marketing Drove Our Monthly Recurring Revenue From $12,434 To $18,263 Per Month… A 46% Increase!

Posted On October 7th, 2019
Maria Partridge

Maria Partridge,
Lotus Management Services

Feeling Stumped Is NOT An Option

It’s not magic. You don’t wake up every morning knowing exactly what to do and watch as your sales numbers take off like a rocket. We had doubts. We were overwhelmed. We agonized over whether we were doing things correctly. At times, I wonder what I can possibly contribute to our fellow Producers Club members that can further their companies as well as our own. But feeling stumped is not an option.

This year has been a personal challenge; however, we are amazed by the support we’ve received from Robin’s community and even our clients. The transformation in our company’s growth just by attending a two-day seminar in Orlando and then later in Dallas has been gratifying. I can tell you that the support and input from the Producers Club weekly meetings just ties everything together for us. Read full article and comment →

Robin Reignited My Passion For Marketing And It Worked To The Tune Of $513,166 In Gross Sales And $149,804 In Net Profits!

Posted On October 7th, 2019
Peter Verlezza

Peter Verlezza,
SMB Networks, LLC

Admittedly, I Became Fat, Dumb And Happy

I’ve been working with Robin Robins and been a Producers Club member for over 10 years now. Before discovering Robin, SMB Networks wasn’t profitable and didn’t have any reliable ways to attract new clients. Her marketing strategies and campaigns helped us to break free from the world of break-fix to become a reputable MSP targeting the medical niche. Before we knew it, we were setting records year after year, like growing our business by 40% in one year and increasing our monthly recurring revenue by over 25% in consecutive years. By implementing Robin’s marketing, our business has become profitable, scalable and easier to manage.

I’ll admit it, after years of consistent growth, I got complacent. I really treasure my involvement in Producers Club as a mentor, coach, clown, etc. I am well versed in the ways of marketing, but over the years I became fat, dumb and happy just doing what I was doing in my business. My business was practically running itself, and I was just fine with what I was bringing in. I got to vacation several times a year and just enjoy my life, so I was good with the status quo. (Just don’t tell Robin.) Read full article and comment →

Robin’s Workshop Sparked $4,595 A Month And $70K In Project Work!

Posted On October 7th, 2019
Eugene Hastey

Eugene Hastey,
CG Tech Services, Inc.

Working 90 HOURS A WEEK Just To Keep My Company From Shrinking!

I started CG Tech Services in 2004 as a one-man band. For a couple of years, it was just me running around doing everything…all the tech work, keeping up on technology and finding time to do the admin work. For a couple of years, we grew steadily through word of mouth. We’d take whatever work we could get and happily billed our hours, not knowing anything about managed services, target markets or USPs. Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Eventually, ignoring marketing catches up with you. In 2008, as the Great Recession took hold, it hit us like a ton of bricks. We lost several architecture and construction clients, while our other clients didn’t have available funds for projects. We struggled. I was working 90 HOURS a week just to keep the company from shrinking! I was making less than EVERYONE on my team!

During the tough times of the recession, I gave myself until the end of 2012 to turn my business around. Otherwise, I was going to have to give up and close the doors. I couldn’t keep working 90 hours a week making as little as I did. Read full article and comment →

From Being Content As A One-Man Band And 99% Break-Fix To Increasing MRR By $28,000 And Shifting To 80% Managed Services!

Posted On October 1st, 2019
Mario Zaki

Mario Zaki,

Early Lessons In Self-Sufficiency

When I was only three years old, my father passed away. It was just my mother and me for all of my childhood. To this day, my mom has been my hero and continues to be the strongest person I know. She taught me how important it is to work hard and leave everything in God’s hands. And boy, did she work hard! From restaurants to warehouses to factories, she has always worked demanding jobs for little pay.

Starting at the age of 13, I always had two part-time jobs and would give my mother my paychecks to help with the bills. And knowing that she was barely making enough to support her family, I took out a student loan to put myself through college. In 2004, I opened Mazteck. Pretty quickly, I was able to save enough to help my mother with her bills and even purchase an investment property for her. Read full article and comment →

How I Grew My Company More In 90 Days Than I Did In The Previous 6 Years (2,190 Days) COMBINED – $258,612 In Increased MRR!

Posted On September 2nd, 2019
Tom Glover

Tom Glover,
Pineland Cogentes

They Were The Busiest 3 Months Of My Entire Life. And I LOVED Every Second Of It!

Give me a choice of staying busy or being bored, I’ll always choose to stay busy. I joke that if this IT thing falls through, I can always be a circus juggler. I knew the three months of the Rapid Implementation Workshop would be crazy busy. It was the other little twists life had in store for me during this period that I didn’t count on.

Here’s just a glance of this insane time period: attended Robin’s Workshop; started and finished $100K mountain bike trail project; sold my company, completed merger; completed renovations of my office building; hired new technician; migrated to AutoTask; migrated to new accounting system; onboarded four new clients; migrated 25 servers to Azure; taught my 16-year-old daughter to drive a straight shift; designed, hiked and mapped 5.5 miles of new city mountain bike trails; executed testimonials campaign; implemented new “Robinized” website; executed new direct mail campaign, five e-mail campaigns, 10 QBRs, four JV partner meetings, four monthly newsletters and one awesome Shock-And-Awe box; interviewed, hired and trained new marketing coordinator (thank God!) and even slept (once or twice).

Whew! I got tired all over again just writing that list!
Read full article and comment →

How Our Start-Stop-Start Again Approach To Marketing Almost Put Us Out Of Business

Posted On August 1st, 2019
Ross Brouse

Ross Brouse,
Continuous Networks

Stuck Between Growing Our Business And Saving It

It’s all perspective. From the outside looking in, our commodity cloud and server company seemed like a goldmine a few years back. We were climbing toward $8 million in annual revenue. We had 50 employees. But because we weren’t sure how to effectively lead, how to business plan and how to market, our business was not poised to weather a potential storm.

Over the next couple of years, the storm hit hard. We lost nearly HALF of our revenue and 60% of our team. With tons of debt and too much overhead, we were bleeding money. My business partner, Jason Silverglate, and I didn’t want the same fate for our IT services business, Continuous Networks. But things were not good within that company.

As the CEO, Jason was also in charge of sales and marketing. I was the COO, so I was running (trying and failing) operations. The culture we had built was starting to tank. Everybody was overworked, and it showed. There was stealing. There were physical fights. I was often working 18-hour days, seven days a week. To be blunt, we were stuck between GROWING our business and SAVING it. Read full article and comment →

I’ve Increased Revenue From $1.2M to 1.75M, Profits Are Up 642%… And I’m Living A Life I Love With My Family!

Posted On July 1st, 2019
Fred Sagester

Fred Sagester,
Sagester Associates Group

Taking My “Underdog” Business To SUPERHERO Status

Does this sound like you? You’ve spun your wheels in your IT business for years. But you’re in a deep rut. Growing your business by improving your sales and marketing is ALWAYS at the top of your priority list…but you NEVER take action because you’re just too busy. Instead, you keep spending long hours doing what you’ve always done, hoping your results magically change (because YOU won’t change).

That was me. Since opening Sagester Associates Group, Inc., in 2001, we were the underdog. The little guy. For far too many years, we operated solely on word-of-mouth referrals. As a result, growth was unpredictable and stagnant. My average client size is under $1K a month. But this little guy had the same aspirations as he had as a kid: to be a superhero and be onstage at Boot Camp like other MSP superheroes. Read full article and comment →

“Becoming A ‘Wealth-Building Business’ By Growing Revenue Beyond $2M (Up $535K) And Net Profit By 2,100%… All In ONE YEAR!”

Posted On June 1st, 2019
Bob Coppedge

Bob Coppedge,
Simplex IT

How A Self-Proclaimed “Crotchety Old Geek” Strives Every Day To Be Better Than Yesterday

My story is a bit different. While I was recently one of five Better Your Best finalists honored to present onstage at Robin’s recent Boot Camp, I’m not about to go on and on about how fantastic I am. Because none of you care what I DID. Rather, you want to relate MY success to what YOU can do to succeed in YOUR business.

But before I do that, a bit of overview. I’ll start with my family. Nineteen years ago, I was a swinging bachelor with two cats. Then I met Julie, who has really lousy taste in husbands, and three daughters. The cats are all dead now, but I got three sons-in-law and six grandkids out of the deal. So, technically I outsourced my family. That’s my experience with mergers and acquisitions.

I started Simplex-IT in 2007. We were an MSP from the start, avoiding the “trading time for money” challenges of the break-fix model. By constantly reinventing ourselves, we have never had a down year (knock on wood). The company has increased revenue each year, always been profitable, and I’ve been fortunate to always provide myself a decent wage. We have always been a bootstrap from a financial standpoint and never dipped into savings or loans. Read full article and comment →