How Did We Increase Revenues By 13% And Increase Net Profit By 106%? Dedicated And Consistent Marketing

Tim Shea Genius of the Month

Tim Shea

Tim Shea,
Alpha NetSolutions, Inc.

It All Starts With Our Drip Marketing

Mailing a postcard to prospects every few months (when you finally have the time) isn’t enough. Sending an e-mail or two to your client base won’t cut it. In order to achieve REAL results, you need a marketing plan that is continuously executed.

For us, that means a dedicated drip marketing effort each and every month. Here’s how that looks:

  • On the first of each month, we send an 11×17 folded newsletter with an 8.5×11 insert to 550 clients and warm prospects.
  • On the 10th of each month, we e-mail a compelling article from our newsletter to our clients, warm prospects and an additional suspect list of about 400 contacts. We use Robin’s suggestion of a plain-text e-mail that links to a landing page.
  • We post our landing page a total of three times each on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • On the 20th of each month, we e-mail the promotion insert from this month’s newsletter as a PDF attachment. This goes out to the same list that gets the e-mail article.
  • Each Tuesday, we e-mail security tips to those who have signed up to receive them.
  • Every couple of days, we feature new tech blog posts three times each on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • At every holiday, we connect with our clients and prospects with a holiday-themed marketing message.

A Winning Combination Of Online And Direct Marketing Efforts

Our online success is a result of running Google AdWords, Facebook ads and quality search engine optimization by continuing to add new content to our website.

Knowing Robin’s direct mail campaigns have generated many leads and lots of business for her members, we make an effort to send a campaign to prospects most every month.

  • In January, we ran a DFARS mailing to 200 manufacturing clients and prospects.
  • In February, we mailed our Valentine campaign to about 200 contacts on our Dream 100 client list.
  • In March, we mailed a Shamrock campaign to 200 contacts on our Dream 100 client list.
  • In April, we mailed Robin’s successful Bad Date campaign to 200 small manufacturing prospects and 200 small construction companies.
  • In June, I mailed my very own authored book to 200 contacts on our Dream 100 client list.

Attending 7 Events And Conducting Annual Business Reviews

While sending marketing material to both clients and prospects helps keep your business top of mind, nothing can replace the value of one-on-one facetime. That’s why we attend multiple events throughout the year and sit with our clients to conduct annual business reviews.

This year, we attended four dental events as vendors as well as three study groups and a MasterTrack training event. We also asked our dental practice lead to attend the annual Yankee Dental Expo and network with attendees.

We were able to meet with about half of our clients for an annual business review this year. Next year, we will be using Infusionsoft to schedule and follow up with our clients.

By implementing all of this marketing, we had a 13% increase in gross revenue and a 106% increase in net profit this year. We are hiring a new telemarketer to schedule appointments and follow up, as well as another tech. Next year, we are poised for explosive growth!