Robin’s Speakers, Tools And Marketing Resources Have Enhanced My Business And Personal Life

Steven Miller Genius of the Month

Steven Miller

Steven Miller,
Foothills Netcom, Inc.

From Zero Profit To Profiting First

After eight long years in business, I had not really made any money. In fact, most years were a loss. Finally, after my best year in sales costing me $2,000, I decided I needed to make a change. I joined Robin Robins’ Producers Club.

I have been a Producers Club member for almost five years now, and I have learned many things to not only improve my business, but also to improve myself. I learned how to stop hemorrhaging money and started saving with goals. Thanks to learning from one of Robin’s many great resources she brings to us, I now put 15% of all sales into a savings account. The company runs successfully on the rest.

Acquiring 600 Active Clients, Thanks To Robin’s Resources

Our real adventure began at last year’s Producers Club meeting after hearing the speaker present about mergers and acquisitions and handed out a copy of his new book. I was very pumped during his presentation, and after reading his book, I wanted more. I actually got to talk with the author and started my search for a company to buy.

Before long, I got a call from a former employer who wanted to get out of the hardware side of his IT business. It was a perfect fit for my first acquisition. With this company, I would add about 600 active clients (about 2,300 total) and about $70K a year in annual agreements and one technician. We negotiated back and forth for a win-win-win scenario, and I purchased the company!

A New Website = 2 New Clients And $84,000!

In the springtime, we improved our website and integrated a number of ancillary features that we needed. Within the first three months of the new site being live, I landed two new structured cabling customers that brought in $84K. Even better, I expect one of those clients will generate somewhere between $100K to $250K, based on the number of projects they have slated for next year.

In June, we signed up for Robin’s Done-For-You Infusionsoft implementation. While it’s not fully implemented just yet, I see it being a huge asset in helping us to market to our prospects and customers.